2K20 myteam Startup Advice

Hello everyone. After a year and a half on 2K19 I finally said screw it and bought 2K20. My questions to y’all is what are some of the things I should do or focus on first?

What are some good / godly budget players I should try to get starting off once I unlock Auction House with the limited MT I will have?

What are some of the “time wasters” that you did that you might not have realized at the time?

Thank you for your input and advice. This community on here is awesome, unlike most of the toxic trolls I would play on 19. Thanks again.

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once you unlock the auction house, auction off all of your cards. (specifically silvers for most value) pick up diamond chauncey billups, amethyst shaq, and amethyst alex caruso. (15k roughly) play tto until you can build an actual team around the three

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thats a 50k minimum team. good one though. i would start here

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buy some MT to get started and pick up a squad like @Knezius suggests.

But buy MT today and don’t buy ANY players until Thursday or Friday, whenever content drops

This is the biggest advice I can give you:



Literally :grin: