2K20 MT rates gone down the tubes

2K20 MT rates gone down the tubes

What’s up guys? I see rates of $24-28 already. Veronica glitch ? New glitch? What’s going on with the market?

People probably realizing that 40 dollars for 100k isn’t a good deal lol


Maybe it’s india scam?

every year is different.

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So there is no glitch effecting things?

It’s it because coins were so cheap last year that buyers want to pay what it was last year with no glitch and less supply?

It’s because teqson keeps undercuttingn forcing knezius to drop his as well
Some of these sellers just cares about themselves some undercut .some just match

End.of the day we have had this convo before

Peeps always trying to sell theirs first so they drop prices


I have my own stuff going on but guys want me to sell their coins for them and it just sucks I can’t pay them good enough. There’s two sides to this. Lower selling rates hurts everyone’s returns later in the year but buyers are really happy with lower rates. Would be good to have it not die so fast and have a even flow of reduction in rates.

Ok so it’s dropping because of people undercutting. That’s normal but the thing is, how is he getting so many coins to do so? Is he glitching?

That I dunno

Teq had 200 + wins on tto after the second day. So something fishy is going down

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No one wants to pay 30+ USD for MT in a game that’s been broken since launch.


Holly crap lol. Must be playing himself and quiting lol.

Wait till you find out what the Chinese are selling for

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Sounds like hes just grinding

When I come to sell this year I’ll be undercutting too. Screw it.

Something is up then if they can do that.

Dude how you run 200 tto games in 2 days?

Like yes it’s physically possible. But they means he had to win EVERYGAME and play for 33 hours in a 48 hour time period. If each game took 10 minutes

Like I don’t really care but let’s be honest. That’s an outrageous amount to be able to win right off the launch date. I could barely dribble day one lol


by playing a lot lol

You can get about ten games in per hour.

So 10 hours each day.

Plus he probably made a lot of people rage quit because his cards were so much better.

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Lol you started 40. Knezius did 38. Now we at 28 some how. So somewhere along the line someone undercut end of the day who gives a shit. I’m just answering the question that was posed. You shouldn’t be getting defensive

You care more about yourself
There’s nothing wrong with that.