2k20 MT on PS4

Saw some people asking about it, I still have a few million available to sell. Just let me know if you need now or in the future!

You should make sure to post the price in your thread title to get more attention

Do you happen to have opal Baron or Elgin Baylor?

Bro I remember you looking for elgin like 6 months ago :joy: is it for real that you never got him ever since


Yup. I missed one because I got outbid on over a mil and missed another while collecting cards for Arvydas so I didn’t have enough to spare. I know he’s still out there and now I’m prepared.

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Honestly, purely negotiable, I see some sites selling at $5-6 per but that seems steep

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I unfortunately don’t have either lol, some of those cards got ridiculously rare

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