2k20 may be better than 2k19

I have been visiting this forum for a while now. Thare’s something I noticed which can suggest that 2k20 may be better in one thing than 2k19.
To the point.
I haven’t seen one single post about EQ this year. Me personally do not feel it as much as I did last year. The gameplay isn’t great but I don’t feel like a W is taken away from me. What do you think guys? In comparison to 2k19. Please do not turn this thread into a shitstorm. If someone doesn’t believe on EQ that’s ok don’t try to persuade us here please.

You don’t see threads about EQ coz everyone has accepted it and knows it will never go away. Why beat a dead horse?


2k20 is honestly one of my top 3 favorites all time. It feels like real basketball as opposed to a video game like 19 did. And the EQ doesn’t exist it’s just an excuse


2k matches you up with a similar lineup. So less David vs Goliath. Imo this game is trash but everyone has their own opinion.

Can’t post about EQ when you can’t make shots consistently from game to game


Nobody crying about off ball either hmmmm

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I believe EQ was pretty strong last year, and as @ismith111 said, shooting is so inconsitent no one can tell in 2k20. But what you see is that the game scripting, when you feel you can’t buy a shoot for a full quarter no matter what you do, is stronger than ever.
That is what you can read in 2kg, and you’ll read it more and more.

There’s no EQ this year but there are huge momentum swings. Yesterday in TTon dude started a game 12-4 against my B-Diddy, PG and Timmy… I won the game 23-6…

No lead is safe for sure

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I wouldn’t solely base it off of equalizer. This game has been patched so much and it’s only been out since September. They gave the game out for free. In the initial release I never once played a 2k where I took a shot and I got that feeling that it wasn’t going in more and more often and I been playing 2k since 2k5.

Let’s continue…duplication reward card drops, position locks, can’t buy badges, we asked 2k to take away contracts, error glitch where game doesn’t count, TTO in 19 I grinded like my life depends on it…this year I barely touch it. I also find myself genuinely bored of this game and that never happened in 19. I Also never seen so many members on here who have the latest game go back to the previous one. There are also a lot of YouTubers who don’t upload content hardly ambish…shake…mosballin

Wasn’t like that in 19…did I miss anything??:thinking::thinking:


Some days I love the game, some days I quit in a rage from the inconsistencies game to game (especially shooting) and terrible user contests in the paint. Also, I’ve learned to never quit a game early. You can come back from dang near deficit with the way momentum swings in this game.

2K20 is better than 2K19. No one praises 2K while it’s out. You think we were seeing 2K16 as one of the best 2Ks of the decade while it was out?

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I got the game for free… Honestly I play a few tto offline games then not want to play anymore

I’m just not “feeling” this game

I won’t dog on anyone if they like it, but at this point I don’t enjoy it


Same same

I can see how yall can maybe enjoy it

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2K19 rep suck @zz

I went back to 2k19 tonight as an experiment.

19 is better. Way better. It’s faster. Fluid. Responsive. It’s insane how poor 2k20’s gameplay is by comparison.

The main issues with 19 are: zig zag, limitless 3s, and positional witchcraft.

Other than that, it’s a far better game.


Controlling players in 2K20 feels like trying to run away from something in a dream and your body just not moving the way it normally does.


This is the perfect description


I’m almost sickened that I’ve played 2k20 this much when it’s so inferior to 19. How did they go backwards like this? Crazy!

2k20 feels like playing basketball covered in mud, wearing a backpack, on a floor made of even more mud.


Using plastic bags for shoes

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