2K20 Gamelay footage from Japan event Clippers vs Wizards

Rui Hachimura playing 2K20. It shows a full quarter of gameplay. No clue if it’ll get taken down of Clippers vs Lakers. I haven’t watched yet so Idk if it’s good


Glad to see guys still step out of bounds for no reason (6:13). All 5 out, blow bys, and missed open shots. Feelin pretty good about passing on 2k20.


It’s pretty clear they’re both pretty average at best and also playing on rookie or maybe even pro. He also manually stepped out of bounds, I don’t see the issue (other than not playing on broadcast). The movement looks way more fluid. Also the blowbys are coming against manual defense that’s very bad.

What did you see that looked any different than 2k19?

It may stick out to me because I watched a stream of Da Czar mentioning the movement system. It seems to be less advantageous to turbo all the way through a possession and dribbling into traffic seems to be more punished. The change of pace with John Wall is very noticeable. Also the difference in dribble styles between the players. The moves aren’t as sharp going full speed. Bigs are getting smoked on fast breaks finally!

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The animations and player movement look 10x better and I can tell that from ghetto footage. The way their feet plant and how the pass the ball in their movement is beautiful. Looks more natural.


Community team day tmr a lot of ghetto footage will be released

Some animations are good. But i’ve noticed 2 things

1 : That’s ALOT of blow by animations
2 : Guys are sprinting all the time and it doesn’t look like it affected their players that much

But both players were very bad so I can’t really say if what I saw was good or no

I heard they may have to nerf slashers. So it looks like we may be getting 2k18 blow by animations back. If so that’s pretty ass.


Gonna have to throw 2k18 back in. Need a little refresher on defending 5 out blow by every possession :joy::joy::joy:

Looks ok. I don’t think the blowbys will be a problem. I like how the game looks, I like the animations they are smooth and natural. Can’t say much about gameplay or game balance based on that clip. We will need to play 2k for a couple of weeks to know what’s wrong with it.
BTW I want to move to Asia and play that caliber player all day all night. Hahahah


Looks like shit and this must be on pro or rookie. Ill just wait for real gameplay. It doesnt matter what it looks like today because the game will be patched non stop.


Y’all need to stop complaining about blow bys. You’re supposed to be able to get past your defender.

Yea but between passing the defender and acting like he’s not even there, there’s a difference.

I can understand if all time Iverson blowby a slow or average defender everytime. What scares me is if even with a lock down defender, there’s pratically no difference

these guys suck at defense and they are playing on-ball on a low difficulty. Players at the community event are already talking about how powerful good on ball/defensive stoppers are.

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That’s good news then. Yea I didn’t really took this gameplay seriously, even my 12 years old little bro can play better than that.

Wang talked about the defender needing skill to stop the offense. Those guys aren’t good at the game. I expect to blow by the cpu on all star difficulty tho


Ok :ok_hand:t5: broadcast view lookin nice