2k20 discount

Took a huge break from 2k (was out of the country this summer) and when I got back and loaded up 2k, a “buy 2k20 now” ad popped up and offered 10$ off of the legend edition and I thought I bought it, but I guess I didn’t and now it isnt popping up anymore.

Does anybody know how to get it back?

It appears pretty sporadicly, keep checking every once in awhile it should show back up


Dont let 2k play you. Get the $60 and drop $50 on vc. The legend edition at $90 is just spending $30 on 100k vc.

I almost always see it when loading into the neighborhood

The $30 upgrade also comes with 50k MT and a bunch of packs throughout the year. It’s not the worst value.

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Those packs are worthless. 50k mt? Maybe Id rather have VC though.

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Yeah league packs weekly. Huge scam the packs are worthless.

The 50K MT can get flipped pretty easily into 500K first week. No one has any idea what cards are wortth

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You gotta unlock the auction house first :joy:

quicksell everything from the 40 packs and you are probably doing ok.

The 50k MT on day 1 is huge if you play the market

Buy a discounted gift card 15% to 20 % off aat Rakuten or Raise and wait for the offer to pop up again then buy it. Another option is to wait until the week before BF and you will find the game half off.

Teach me your ways…
The packs come off useful just bc if there are collectors rewards. Why not? 20 packs alone are about 30 bucks a piece.
I never got anything good out those packs, maybe like a 90 heat check Anthony Davis.

Buy every jersey you can for less than 1K MT, relist every jersey for 5K. Have a full inventory of 5K jerseys, people buy them constantly

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Why does sniping look like on the first week? I didn’t understand how to work this game until I came here about April.

A lot of the Amys sell for 100k completely new people throw them up for like 5K

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Luckily I have access to a bestbuy account with GCU still activated on it for at least this year. So I just went for the normal version for $48 + I get a $10 bestbuy gift card back. The $10 can be used on VC if I want. I hope to not spend much on VC this year though, but we will see.

Weird how it pops up.
I have already bought the game and I see it on constant basis lol

Still lots of time OP. Just check once every day. It took me about 6 days before I saw it again.

My pops up even tho I already bought it. Go to the PSstore and check it out.

The “premium” edition for 2k & madden has been absolutely awful the last couple of years.

I remember you used to be able to get physical content, now it’s just myteam/ultimate team packs that are pure garbage filled with useless cards that are meaningless day 1 pretty much.