2K20 (Demo): Making a Post Scorer

Seems like they’re basically making it impossible to make a player who is very good at post scoring and rim protection (and rebounding).

Mainly because three categories of attributes are involved in just the post scoring:

  • Finishing: Post Hook, Shot Close, Standing Dunk.
  • Shooting: Post Fade
  • Playmaking: Post Moves

If one has to hit these three categories almost equally…it’s unattractive in a true big, because it seems to require giving up rim protection and rebounding.


That was going to be what I was going for, a Hakeem type player who can score anywhere in the post and swat shots easily but the wya center archetypes/pie charts are, you basically get an option of defending slasher or slashing defender. Can’t make a brook lopez who can shoot the 3 and rim protect but is trash at everything else, can’t make Embiid, can’t make jokic. I wonder if the meta this year may be 6’11 power forwards just so you get a little boost to athleticism

Define very good? Even 99 overall MyPlayers have ratings that aren’t equal to even some Amy MyTeam cards. You gotta look at it in context of like 200 Intangibles.

A 72 Post Fade when you have 87 block, 85/90 reb and 80 Post Moves with 79 Pass Acc seems most like what you’re looking for. 89 standing dunk and 85 shot close as well.

It’s the 2nd to last pie chart looks like 1/3 rim, 1/3 playmaking

Something like…85+ in relevant ratings?

If grinding all the way to 99, then 90+ and some 95+. But…key ratings about commensurate with OVR.

I was hoping to be able to make something like Amethyst Hakeem, but giving away mid-range shooting ability.

Seems impossible… And should not be.


MyPlayers to my knowledge have never had multiple 95+ ratings at 99 outside of Pure builds. Thats why I was talking in context of 200 Intangibles. Don’t expect to make direct reflections of MyTeam cards. A 99 MyPlayer would have less attributes than most Throwback Playoff Rubies.

But realize that this is what EVERYONE is working with so it’s fairer when you think about it.

I also think they split the post categories up intentionally as Post Scorers were one of the most unstoppable builds last year and being able to make a dude with 85+ Post Hook, Post Fade, Block and Rebounding would just make every non stretch build that build with no other builds really viable.

Yeah people think I’m tripping for wanting to make a specific, yet very realistic player as well. These pie charts are fugazi

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Okay, I don’t know about MyPlayer builds. I haven’t played MP since 2K16.

I’d be satisfied with this:

Especially if I could make him basically hopeless at mid-range and redistribute those points.

I’m mainly unhappy that Fade is with outside shooting and post control with playmaking.


Right, it makes a 6’10 stretch 4 have with minimum wingspan like a 93 post fade along with 89 mid and 3 balls. It doesn’t make sense to split the post stats apart.

Not gonna be possible man. If you want a post god, he won’t be a great defender. If you want a great rim protector, he will won’t be able to dominate on the offensive end based purely on ratings as well

User skill can bridge the gap which is what the best 2K Park/ProAm players do.

It’s for game balance reasons. A 6’10" stretch will get buckets but very little else and will be destroyed in the post on D and on the boards. Balance.

I’m not claiming 2K is great at balancing builds but these aren’t the hills to die on. It seems this year balance was a huge emphasis.

A pure stretch shouldn’t have a post fade in the 90’s. That’s not balanced. That makes them able to literally score from any spot on the court in anyway with no downgrade. Especially since they get hof range extender, all the dead eyes. Even last year pure stretches didn’t get hof limitless.

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But they’re also the slowest and weakest big build

At least last year they had a big hit to pull-ups making only standstill middies their best way to score inside the arc. Now they can just fade on you and trigger 7 different badges

I hear you man. But you gotta go to 2KU Scrimmage and actually use Marc Gasol. Dude is a glacier and is absolutely unusable defending high PnR. Gasol is the speed these stretches will be, only the stretches will have nonexistent rebounding and defense. They’re gonna be a tough ass build this year.

Speed actually matters this year.

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I agree it matters, but if we want to be the big hulking rim protector/post anchor like a shaq type guy we should be able to

I think it’s more like: if you want a post god, then he’ll be very bad on Defense/Rebounding. Not merely not great, or even good. Bad.

Anyway…need to also see how badges are affected. Didn’t have time to look into that.


Plus the pure sharp little guys also have like 96 post fade which is insane

If you could build a Shaq, eveyone would be Shaq. Look at how OP builds hurt the MyTeam meta in recent years. Every lineup would look exactly the same.

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The 97 pd shaq didn’t get used much, his diamond magic card rarely gets used. The only shaq card that saw a significant amount of pt this year was opal game breaking shaq. Most people would rather have a stretch 5 than a Lowe post scorer like shaq in myteam

they just made it seem like you have so much freedom this year when all it is is a reskin of archetypes

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