2K20 Coaches Thread

Start a thread with the coach that you’re using and the boosts that you get. Seems that a few coaches got upgrades this year (Amy Stotts Perimeter Centric with Double 3 PT boosts looks cheese)


Got it for 2500 bid lol

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Can you give the boosts by position?

I heard the double 3pt boost is just a visual glitch and doesn’t really work in game.

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Got trolled with a Malone pull yesterday. Boosts were pretty nice though. I’ll update what they were when I get home but I know 3pt shot, perimeter defense, and speed +4 were 3 of them for pg, sg, sf

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Terry stotts/perimeter centric
Point Guard
+4 ball handle
+4 3 ball
+4 mid range
+4 perimeter defense
+4 driving dunk
+4 def rebound

Steve Kerr/balance
Point Guard
+5 driving layup
+5 close shot
+5 mid range
+5 perimeter def
+5 ball handle
+5 3 ball


This is true. Its says +4 twice but when you check stats in game, it’s only +4 once

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Do we know what the other 3 point boost suppose to be?


What’s everyone’s preference at this point?

Seven Seconds (Amy D’Antoni)
Defense (Diamond Stevens/Pop)
Perimeter Centric (Amy Stotts)
Balanced (Diamond Kerr/Nurse)

Is there a thread with all the boosts? I can’t find it.

I’d do one for stotts but only one person has excellent with him lol. “+8” open 3 to pg sg

Anyone using Pop? The defensive boosts are huge and I don’t feel I’m giving up much by not having a 3pt boost since shots don’t go in anyway. You can make some really lockdown budget defensive squads right now. Harper, Butler, PJ Tucker, Shaq, Muresan, Iguodola.

Right now I’m switching between Diantoni and Mike Malone. I don’t know if I want speed and driving more or defense.