2k20 and the casino

So I noticed that the Myteam trailer is picking up a lot of negative attention. Which I almost agree with. I think the casino redesign for Myteam is clearly psychology at work. But I think the reasons people are picking it up are for the wrong reasons. So I can already see 2ks defense of the redesign and trying to explain what the slot machines actually are. That kinda frustrates me tbh. Where is the nuance? Or someone to break down why exactly this is bad? Where? Because it’s gonna be really silly when they found out all you have to do is play and you can get those slot machines. You don’t even have to have spend any money at that point if your grinding. It’s gonna be silly versus taking the angle of hey why does this mode look like a casino? What’s that about? Thanks for letting me rant y’all. I appreciate it.


2K def didn’t do themselves any favors with the casino theme. But, I’ve also noticed a ton of mis-informed articles in the mainstream games media about it.

It’s packs and needing VC to make MyPlayers viable that they use to fuck us with micro-transactions, get it right, journalists. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Because kids play this game, gambling can be an addiction and you’re encouraging kids to participate. Hence why games that have simulated gambling get T ratings not E for everyone.


I agree. But it’s not simulated gambling when you look at what the articles are referencing. They keep showing the slot machines vs actually talking about the packs. That definitely is simulated gambling. Those rewards slots most certainly are not.

That’s exactly my point. Talk about that. Vc and packs. That’s the real battle. A reward slot and how it functions is not it.

If you’re an adult you should be able to handle it. I wouldn’t let my kid play though.

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It’s a slippery slope 2K is walking and they know it, lol. I think they get away with the slots because we get a guaranteed reward from wins and the slot rolls are just a “bonus”. Honestly, it might have been calculated on 2K’s part, use the controversy from the casino to distract from micros.

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You see it!!! That’s why I’m pissed that it’s catching steam. Lol it’s almost like they wanted folks to get pissed just so they can say “hey we’re just trying to reward our users for their time” lol!

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The slot machines are simulated gambling because it mirrors what happens in a casino, simulated gambling by ESRB standards do not have to involve giving something up to gamble. But slot machines even if free, can be addictive

Simulated Gambling - Player can gamble without betting or wagering real cash or currency.

The slots don’t fall under that definition. That’s like saying in Mario World 3 or Sonic 2 when you used the slot mechanic that was gambling. It wasn’t. Same with 2k. It’s not at all. But it looks really really bad without a doubt.

For me i wouldnt want to normalise or have my kids become comfortable with the slot machines, because the thing is it that its fun and addicting. And then later on it could be easier to be sucked into a real casino and real slot machines, kids are very impressionable by things from their childhood.

I think looking like a casino isnt really terrible but i dont think it does. But i do have a problem with the slot machine screen. If we are going to go down this road though, like people have said the packs are a significantly worse issue lol. They need more backlash for that imo.

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Addiction knows no age.

Admittedly, I was blind to MyCasino when I first watched the trailer. Maybe I was anticipating what 2K were bringing to the mode this year but now I know I was just brainwashed. Anyway, this guy sums it up for me:


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Thanks for sharing. It’s worse than gambling. At least if you go to the casino and win a few hundreds bucks you can then decide what to do with your money, take your kids out, girlfriend to dinner, or even buy something for yourself that you need or want.

But when you spend on VC you get cards that will be outdated in 45 days. By the time you auction it, the price has dropped. They bleed you dry. And god forbid you try to liquidate your pulls into cash by selling MT, you will be banned from playing the game. Which is probably a best case scenario for most people.


2k21 about to have VC Blackjack

Source: r/NBA2K


Having all those 2K published games on the slots is an amazing touch. Credit to that person’s attention to detail, lol.