2K19 vs 2K20

Your list is good but for negative to 2k20, I have to add OP screens and screen animations. After explosive got patched, every “comp” player calls endless screens and dances behind them. They dribble behind a screen until they get a good screen animation or defender gets lost. And unfortunately that infected the whole community.

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Agreed I forgot those

2K19 was more fun because of all the ways to score on balling was possible, people didn’t sweat their ass off, and you could do whatever you wanted to do with your lineup

Game was ass

You seem to be the only person I’ve seen not like 19 but love 20 wtf

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If position locks actually kept players at their actual positions like Magic, LeBron in some Instances then it’d be ok but Lamar Odom Blake Griffin Giannis at PG is not ok and I don’t mention Ben Simmons for next year atleast because he’ll be playing PF

There have been many VS. threads before this

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And in 2K most PD could keep up with opals, now PD’s are tactically made bad so they can get an evo or a duo at some point, there’s too many Opal cards out there

QuickDraw is dumb, cards should get a release and stay the same, only changing for new versions of card

Yeaaaaah we just gonna have to agree to disagree on this one chief

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Worst 2ks On current gen

I swear people crucified 2K17 when it came out what happened

Gameplay was Uber trash like 18 but a lil bit better you’d have to play it to know

Servers gone so yeah, I really didn’t like the shot meter in 2K17

Like pretty much everyone here, I’m on the same boat.

Gameplay 2k19>>>>>>>>2k20
Offline content 2k20>>>>2k19

I used to run simple 3-4 simple plays from Raptors playbook in 2k19. Everything was so smooth there.

This year, 3 of those 4 plays are impossible to pull off because you get magnetised into your opponent if he sets smothered/tight defense and offballs. You have to call for a screen again and again until it finally clicks.

And where the fuck did half court press go? I don’t want full court press, why do I have to automatically keep switching between man to man and full court press to trigger half court press.

Why can’t I switch from man to man to full court press when your opponent is standing out of bounds? You have to wait for them to inbound and only then you can change it.

And I don’t even want to start talking about this Intimidator badge, when your guy misses the layup 99% of 2kgamer community irl would hit.


I have never once complained about offballing… I specifically made an entire twitter thread saying there was nothing wrong with it in 19 and used to literally tell people in videos how to beat it in 19…

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My bad DBG my memory served me wrong, Hey is there going to be a Opal AD gameplay?

2K19 literally break my thumb too hard to play Giannis increase silde 50 rating defense 150 rating defense fuck unrealism

In 19 you could actually lock up when playing on-ball defense consistently. Spamming the steal button at random spots on the court didn’t reward you.

Yes you made full bar shots, but only if they were open. If they were contested chances are I was grabbing the rebound and pushing the other way. You’d only green while in takeover, or in the corner for the most part, and mid rangers too. You didn’t unrealistically green limitless 3s like you do this year.

I get the feeling that everyone who likes the new mechanics has always played a broken brand of ball which finally got rewarded this year. Playing this year is uneasy on the eyes because of the bs that happens and how effective it is. Its the furthest thing from sim ball thats ever happened in a 2k game.

The height thing was an issue last year, but if you did jump at the defender with triangle then it did actually register a contest and it was counterable.

2K20 is beyond broken, and yes while the offline content was the best its ever been, using it online makes you wanna get off the game after about 1-2 games.

19 was by no means perfect, but gameplay wise, it was 100000x better. Dribbling was a bit more free this year, but it became hyper unrealistic.


2k17 >>> 2k19

You could actually play defense in 2k17

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