2k19 or 2k20?

when 19 came out everyone said the same things they were saying about 2k20 now it’s vice versa it’ll probably happen next year as well

After making this thread you probably won’t do it anymore

Whooop there goes you’re profit.

Sniping No1. thing: if you have something that’s working don’t share it out



Smooth. I like it :joy:

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Didn’t even think of that thank you man lmao

Btw yeah It’s working because of the new thing that came out recently. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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19 gameplay >>>

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This game would be nice, if the interceptor badge wasn’t so juiced


True. They be pickin that shit like Deion Sanders smh

Screens are little crazy but if I could run an offense without giannis from 10 away I’d be cool with it.

Content- 2k20>2k19
Gameplay- 2k19>>>2k20

^^^^ Yep yep, well said. My team for 2k20 been skrait for months, haven’t had to dabble in packs or w/e like that since December…it took me a good while to get a solid lineup 2k19. Mans like me haven’t even kept up with locker codes like that this year cuz of content.

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2k20 for content and position lock :lock:

It makes PGs and SGs so much more enjoyable to play.

It’s all addictive fantasy ball anyway. Hope people keep slagging the game, and 2K just keeps pumping out the free stuff.

The free packs and codes this year are insane. I don’t remember anything free in 2K16, only four years ago.

…we were just basically given another domination mode(spotlight sim)

2k20 best 2k

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You deserve an Opal Kevin Love for your good vibes


2K19 had by far the worst gameplay.

I had more fun on 2K19. The Giannis grind kept me going all year. There’s a lot more content this year but the gameplay is frustrating af.

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The gameplay is all-time worst