2K19 Opal Giveaway

Have noticed there are a few guys still playing 19’ on here and figure I’d give away some opals (about 20-30). What would be the best time today to do it?


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I’ll be able to at noon CST, 5, or after 7:30 y’all let me know

I’m down. Got a couple up for auction now to get some Mt, and then I’m good whenever

My 9 year old daughter 4-0 in 2k19 Unlimited lmao


Damn!! What system? There’s still some sweats on xb

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Played dude the other night running
PG- Shaq
Sg- DRob
Sg- Hakeem
Pf- Kareem
C- Yao


I’ll put them up in 7 minutes

I don’t have mt yet, can you do it @ 5?


Alright cool

Hm are you putting them up for?


Alright cool. I got 2 PD up now. As soon as they sell I’ll have 20k+. Ah is a little slower these days

Ps4 chucking 3s.

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Ngl, I’d rather deal with that than the “position-lock” system (even though I used a small PG for years). I’m not a big fan of this new position lock system

I feel like I would rather have position lock. Like using guys like AI, Kyrie, Lillard, and Gil.
Unless there’s some drawback to it that I’m not thinking about.
It took me awhile to give into the cheese, I tried so hard, ran Jimmer and Gil until opals started dropping. Finally couldn’t keep up any more :joy::joy:

Alright. I’m ready. Give me a heads up if you want to do it before 5. Otherwise, I’ll be on then. You can list them back to back, but my sniping might be a little rusty, so try to give me a couple seconds in between :joy::joy:

I’m still balls deep in 2K19 on XB1 :sweat_smile:


Hold it down… I just play madden :joy::joy::joy: