2K19 MyTeam Questions

What improvements do you think is necessary to make us play or even buy 2K19 MyTeam?

Some Ideas to make MyTeam better:
•Monthly Domination
•Diamond or Amy reward every schedule and Pd board when completed every schedule mode
•No more Troll coaches
•More moments card every week
•More locker codes

What ideas do you have for MyTeam?

• Making Moments a daily thing like 2K17
• Explain SuperMax Point system (if SuperMax is in 2K19)
• Pack Odds!!!
• If they do Schedule Challenges again, make them mini games

The ability to trade cards using a trade block. Somehow include a renting system where you can use any card you want in the game for one game for a certain amount of MT to see if you like the player.

Example: 50 MT for a bronze, 200 for a silver, 500 for a gold, 1,000 for an emerald, 2,000 for a sapphire, 2,750 for a ruby, 3,500 for an amethyst, 5,000 for a diamond, and 10,000 for a pink diamond. Madden used to do this with certain cards and it was really cool.

eliminate contracts, that to me is a must tbh. When you think about it my team is like an arcade game where to continue you have to insert more and more coins to keep playing.