2k19 MyTeam Contracts?

Has anyone heard if there are contracts in myteam in 2k19? If so, that’s pretty absurd at this point.

EA did away with it in their ultimate modes and MLB hasn’t since I started playing them, if ever.

Yes there’s contracts. In the myteam intro last month, they showed a pack being opened and there was a contract card in there


I’m hyped the gameplay, but the micros look REALLY bad still. Their press release response about banning micros in some European countries was disgusting and the recent quote from a developer

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Just be patient, grind and sell early, hold mt. Buy post all-star break. It’s the proven formula at this point. Grinders are never rewarded with free content that satisfies long term and the best rewards cost VC. No way they steer from this. All you can hope for are one or two rewards worth a damn. That’s best case scenario

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Oh yeah I know I blew through domination last year right away and stopped at the glitched jerseys. Insane amount of MT to be made off lame base cards the first week. It’s just disheartening knowing there’s gonna be more shit down the line this year and they truly and honestly don’t care about their fan base. It’s sad when something this big with such a cult following doesn’t appreciate the rabid fanbase that got them there… EA is shit but even they are learning to cut back on micros in response to fans wants…

EA is also a little more cautious and nice after the Battlefront 2 fiasco. 2k needs something like that to help kick them into shape.

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You would think the user metacritic reviews and gaming outlets identifying 2k as the most toxic micro model in gaming consistently would but no.

I don’t want to get too negative cause the game does look great gameplay and feature wise. I will say that everyone needs to stop blaming Mike Wang and Ronnie2k. The real culprit is STRAUSS ZELNICK. He has been the CEO of Take-Two (firm that owns 2k and Rockstar Games) since both games decided to inject toxic micros. This guy calls the shots money wise. Look up some interviews and editorials on him in business mags. He prides himself on not being a gamer but a businessman and is eerily similar to Patrick Bateman from American Psycho…

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Patrick Bateman because he’s ripped and intense about his appearance, or? Lol

And markets a product that encourages childhood gambling lol… But haha not saying the guys literally him but he just seems like he will do bad things to benefit himself/make himself feel better i.e. a psycho

Real talk he look eerily similar to the character portrayed by Christian Bale in American psycho. I get it lol.

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If there are still contracts I hope that at least we have no limit like the last years (20 each tier)…

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I was really stoned reading about 2k’s scummyness one night and came across this guy and immediately thought of the character lol.

But you really should read up on this guy. I really think he’s the culprit, not the developers at all. He’s also one of those CEO with no salary and gets paid by stock. I doubt developers have as much ownership as him. Injecting micros is a good way to boost revenue and directly affect his own yearly earnings…

Yeah or they toss us aton of them in packs like Live 18 did

If they just replaced injury cards and strategy cards with contracts no one would ever run out

Maybe injury cards got removed this year? They pretty much made them pointless in 2K18 so they might as well just get rid of them.

OGstank hit the nail on the head. When he took over as CEO is when VC was introduced. At this point Mike wang/ and the devs are just following his directives. Due to the backlash from 2k18 they seemed to have scaled it back but only time will tell…

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Thanks man.

I think Mike Wang gets too much hate. He’s clearly a passionate developer considering he interacts with the community about fixing issues the game has. Not a lot of developers do that. He’s probably just worried about money if he left and how worse 2k may even become after.

Ronnie2k is clearly not involved in making the game at all. He was selected by a marketing team to be a PR guy cause he’s a yes man, relatively fits in with NBA players cause he’s tall and fashion choices, and he’s perfected the art of casual conversation. This guy is a pro version of the dude at college who always dapped u up and asked about chilling but never bothered to offer their phone number.

LD2K is the man behind 2ks greatness and he quit because he became disgusted and embarrassed by the product. If developers were the ones forcing micros, why would the previous great lead designer walk away due to the practice…


Let’s see Paul Allen’s card . . .

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