2K19 MyTeam beginning tips

I would like to know from you guys how do you usually start a new season? Do you try to build a good team from the very beginning of the game to compete or do you have a more long term strategy where you try to save MT for the later stage of the game? Do you lock in some players? Etc…

Finish domination as quickly as possible and sell everything possible. Only hold on to reward cards. Play with a budget squad until Diamonds start to be released


I generally try and finish domination mode first before playing online. Also I don’t spend any money on the game until packable diamonds are available.


Don’t buy the game for at least 6 months. Buy the game once they ruined it and to where the best cards are all BIN. Complete Domination and use that MT to field a starting five of all PD players. Or, use the MT to assemble a whole 13 man squad of Amethysts and Diamonds and let the EQ carry you over God-Squads.


I agree with you here danali but tbh you will make infinitely more MT buying the game immediately and being one of the first to finish domination. I was selling historic golds for like 5k a pop. If you wait 6 months to start playing all of those players are worthless.

Also, completing all time domination with emeralds and golds and a couple of the dom rewards was actually a really fun challenge

But Domination rewarded over 130K for the MT rewards anyways.

You could sell Emerald Ray Allen for 30k ish or more to begin with.

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bruh I sold emerald oladipo for 35k, beginning of the year is wiiiild

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exactly this, if you can resist the urge to spend Mt early on in the game, you can bank for later

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that was the Emerald Harden for me once ppl realized his Emerald was better than his Sapph. Sold for 35k. Was my biggest sale ever at the time. So hyped haha.

I bought Sapphire Dwight for 200k on PC as I wanted that Frobe asap :smiley: good times

I did domination early and saved all my MT. Had 300k and blew it chasing amy TMac lol

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I made most of my MT bank at the beginning of the year by using my preorder VC to buy boxes day one. I was selling bronze/silver/golds for 5-10k, emeralds for 15-30k, sapphires for 20-40k those first few weeks. EVERY card has value the first two weeks since everyone wants to lock those collections for the ruby rewards. I don’t know how it will be for 2k19, but if it starts out like 2k18, you can turn preorder VC and Domination rewards into a million MT pretty quick. DON’T lock those early collections, as tempting as it might be. If I didn’t lock sets at the beginning, I probably would never have needed to spend for VC in 2k18.

I said I wasn’t going to buy 2k19, but with the removed blowbys and improved defense, it sounds less broken than 2k18. I’ll probably buy it now. I’m going to run EQ squads though. No more Stinky Pinkies for me lol.


Either do domination early and save mt, or buy game when is 50% off and have decent cards, mt is cheaper.

I will try to do more proam this year

This is how they get you lol. They’ve been doing this for 20 years. It should not be broken at all. I hate that my most fun in this game is at the beginning of the year, because I doubt that would be the case if I started dom with rubies that I could get for 500 MT. I haven’t played more than a handful of dom games on a farm account this year or last year, for example.

Yeah I don’t think I’ll blow my MT all at once either. Gonna have VC and sell cards until I’m happy & run through domination

I honestly liked 2k17, with the exception of the heavy EQ, but that’s going to be included in any 2k now. 2k18 is just broken beyond belief.

I am still pushing for a free copy, instead i got 15 diamond contracts.

I was going to say that I didn’t experience much EQ (except that Pettit was consistently and infuriatingly my worst player, not my best), and that my lack of shoes/PD Timmy was mostly connection-based… but that would be a lie.

I’m reminded of a time where I played online on another account and shot 85 or 90% from 3 for a game with not-too-impressive versions of Dame and C.J. McCollum. I think CJ was gold, and went 8-for-8? I obliterated this guy by playing the same way that I usually did, but usually still had to scratch and claw for wins. Took the same shots (open ones that I’d worked for), and they dropped that game unlike anything I’d ever seen on my main account.

when usually are the releasing the first ruby cards? (not the set collection rewards)