2k19 my team (nostalgia ) movement and pace

Last year the game was so well paced , people complaining about spins but the dribble system was way more organic .
Mixing shimmys in the post with sizeups and movement , hop jumpers , mid range game , high post game , faster dribble moves .
The cards were so much more nice !
Never will be a offensive monster like Worthy again ahah


I miss 2K19

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I like the mode so much , I don’t how I spent so much time doing this video lol

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I liked 2K19, except for the off ball press. However, it was too dribble spammy, in my opinion. A simple between the legs crossover or behind the back move should not create six feet of space.

I can’t agree , lockdowns were so annoying to beat…
One or other animation were OP because of the size of the cards . For example
The Giannis Cross , but the movement was so much better .i was really creating space with standing moves , this year you really need to dribble and out running the defender .
It’s ugly

Off ball was way more annoying yeah ahah

2k19 was just as bad as this year imo

The concept of the mode yes ,
But the movement was way faster and organic
At least for me

Base 11 shit really ruined the game for me, and the server bullshit. This year has been bad in other ways, but still horrible. Both not as bad as 2k18 though.

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2k19 would have been better with position locks and some adjustments to offball

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That, and without the server debacles. I quit for the first half of this year because of them. Still can’t believe I got sucked back in.

The only thing that brought me back was position locks. I can’t stress enough how much better the game is with them, at least for me. The Opal Giannis and Shaq shit at point guard, and bigs at the two guard is simply fucking awful.

I’m sure it won’t be long before 2K ruins it even more with these trash ass glitched cards.


True, it’s wild to think they just let the auction house be broken for weeks at one point also

Yeah, dude. That was the end for me. That shit was inexcusable.

Missed 2k19 , i play 2k every 2 years , next one will be 2k22

after shot contest was patched 2k19 myteam would have been the best yet bar the servers being horrible that year

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You’re on the wrong cycle. Odd years are better.

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the only thing i really miss from last year was the iso game, dribbling was just so much fun.

And the high post moves we can do much things on offense

This make me want play NBA 2k17 NBA 2K19 made NBA 2K17 look masterpiece lol

2k19 caca base 11 shoot in face

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