2K19: Looking for Amethyst Kanter & Diamond Hayward

2K19: Looking for Amethyst Kanter & Diamond Hayward

Anyone have these cards? Will overpay for them, want them for my Celtics theme squad :smiley:

Let me know if you have them! Thanks!

Kinda stupid that I sold them a while ago for basically nothing, now they are impossible to find.


Update, found them both on the AH finally :sweat_smile:

Two games in MTU with my ‘2019-2020’ Celtics squad which includes bronzes because they have rookies IRL that obviously aren’t in 2K19 :joy: I’m 1-1, faced one “god squad” (every has one now), faced another really good team on paper with mostly GO’s and PD’s and I beat him easily

Kemba on the P&R is awesome. That Ruby Smart is such a good card lol steals for days.

Anyone who is still playing 2K19 I encourage to put together a theme squad like this, even in MTU I had fun losing, at least trying out some different cards and what not.


PD Kemba (DD)
PD Jaylen
PD Tatum (DD)
D Hayward
Amy Kanter

Ruby Smart
Bronze Jabari Bird (lol)
Bronze Semi Ojeleye
Silver Robert Williams / Daniel Theis
Amy Manute Bol (lol supposed to be Tacko Fall)

Maybe if I can reset my MyCareer player I can bring in a rookie :joy: :joy: Will make a separate thread about this lol


I was using a similar squad at the end, you need that emerald theis

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Oh damn, forgot about him, he’s moments, right? You’ll never find that card :joy: