2K19 Digital Vs Physical

so last year i went physical and was told my gamestop to come get the game at 9pm. i was out of there by 930 and enjoyed my game rest of the night. i dont really care for the lebron posters and shit so was the digital game ready to play at 9pm for 2k18 or was it at midnight?

The digital will be available at midnight. No exceptions. However places like Gamestop and BestBuy says you can pick up your copy at 9pm

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It’s midnight

I thought digital comes out at 11 so you can download it and play at 12:00 am

Nah. We will able to pre download the game today or tomorrow and then will have to wait until midnight

Oh ok cool as long as we don’t get delayed cause we have to download.

Where can you get it at 9pm. West coast or anywhere

I think anywhere. Probably because they don’t wanna stay open late and pay overtime to their employees?? Here they close at 9 so yeah

Servers won’t go up till 12 am tho I’m thinking

If you live in LA you can go to the popular swap meets and get the game today/tomorrow for a few extra bucks

Y’all think if I went in GameStop and offered an employee like $50 he’d give it to me early? Lmao

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Probably still wrapped up lol

lmk what happens

Probably lol.

And yeah when I preordered the Lebron Edition the other day, the dude said to come in Thursday and pick it up at 9PM. Probably won’t take no longer than an hour to download everything and I’ll be MyTeam scheming all night

Will the servers be up is the question.

Only one way to find out

I could probably pickup the physical version tomorrow (Wednesday) or latest on thursday but that would cost me full retail (60-70€) so I decided to preorder the 20th anniversary version for 67€ and enjoy the bonuses starting friday morning

I think I was able to jump straight into my career for 2k18 and I got started before 12

Aye Balor Club lol

underused talent

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