2k19 diamond shoes vs 2k18 diamond shoes

Which would y’all prefer, I like the 2k18 shoes better, they made more sense as far as boost and they gave +9 instead of 5, but I do like how shoes this year are auctionable

Diamond shoes were harder to come by in 2k18 so I felt like the plus 9 was worth it

2k19 just because they are auctionable.

2k19 is auctionable

Plus coach boosts actually work this year so you can get +10 vs +9

Nothing in k18 can be better than 17 or 19.

Coach boosts are the reason it’s plus 5 this year. Only thing I miss are the diamond curry’s from last year, those shoes were so good +9 all 3’s, SWB and something else


Definitely 2K19.

+9 is way too much, making a mediocre shooter knockdown or a 77 bc big man able to speed boost.

Actually I would love diamond shoes to get removed from the game next year.

Read what Kmart said, players are still getting the +9, its just divided between the coach and shoe this year instead of last year where it was all the shoe and the coach did nothing.

Grey Kobe’s were so nasty on cousins last year lol

But I like being able to sell and buy them

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Absolutely, but if reverted back to +9 they’d have to shut down coaches again to make it fair.


being able to buy shoes >


+9 was way too much

+9 is only towards people that are mediocre at the game and need their players to get huge boosts in their weak areas in order to stay competitive.

No diamond shoes would increase the skill gap.