2K19: Can you reset your MyCareer player you bring into MyTeam?

Is this possible? How can you do it?

I was to make a 2020 rookie and bring them into 2K19 MyTeam, can I just start MyCareer over and when you get to the point where you get a MyTeam card will it overwrite?


I did it, it works

Only thing I will warn you ahead of time is that if you have earned the Jersey creator and arena creator cards, it will delete those cards along with your MyPlayer card in MyTeam. I didn’t know until afterwards so now I have an open support ticket with 2k that’s been up for a few weeks waiting for a response

Aw hell no, I have my custom jerseys & court lol

Is that PS4 only? Maybe doesn’t happen on XB1…?

Damn 2K why must you always disappoint