2k19 available for download on the east coast

I’m downloading now

I saw this on twitter wtf?? How lol

why only on east coast?

probably cuz it hit midnight, so 3 hours away for west coast

Downloading now

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This also probably means we will be on 3 hours earlier for the digital people than the west coast, because it’s all location based

Someone in Orange County CA said he’s downloading it now

I’m east coast and it isn’t dowloading for me yet womp :frowning:

I’m in LA county and I’m downloading it right now too. I love living in the west coast lol

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Has it started for anyone on Xbox?

I was notified my disc copy shipped this morning. Maybe AU can start on our 7 sep 12am

does it work xbox digital?

bro this comes out today?

anyone know ?

After my PlayStation updates it’s gonna start. (The full download has quite a bit to go)

Download but not play early correct? We play at 12AM Friday?


I’ll let you know. But yea, the downloading being knocked out and the installation are the biggest hurdle anyways

if anyone figures it out for xbox lmk

Sounds like you can download but not play. If everyone has it predownloaded servers might crash lol

I’m in Northern California and it was also added to my download. It usually is just a pre-download and won’t be able to play until launch date.