2k19.5 gameplay is the worst in 2k history

and it will only get worst with every new patch.

  1. Contested shots goes in way more than open shots. John Stockton banging in my face while Ibaka planning his next brick brick. It’s an embarrassment to basketball
  2. The amount of bump steals are driving me crazy. I try to experiment with the Bucks playbook 5 out and it lead to me getting bump steal on the daily
  3. The foul animations are a joke. I’m legit playing defense and 2k still calling fouls. Honestly all the animation as a whole are terrible.
  4. I really don’t understand blowby in this game. Some games it easy and others I can’t even move pass the cpu. The 2k dev team pushes offball defense and zone defense. Glorify these things yet won’t let us add more badges to players.
  5. Quickdraw badge is ruining my gameplay experience. This game is unplayable without quickdraw players. The entire token market is a waste of time this year if they don’t change that.
  6. The amount of inside shots that go in when it look like a easy block is stupid
  7. I jump and they get a foul then a end one. Someone explain to me how Jwill got an end one on a 240 7 foot Ewing. It occurs seldom in irl but happens all the time while playing 2k.
  8. I’m tired of getting blasted up by George Muresan. This game probaley believe Boban/Yao Ming are the greatest center of all time because of height.
  9. I grinded for all these cards just to get equalize by rubys/sap
  10. My pd/opals are dropping the ball to pf/ center. I never knew big man lead NBA history with steals.
  11. Big man pass out of shots like guards while my guards throw it out of bound when I pass out. What backword level game am I’m playing.
  12. The animation where it look like a easy rebound yet your player throws it outbound instead of grabbing the ball. Why is that trash animation in the game?
  13. I love throwing a easy alley hoop just to hit the rim or miss a basically open ally hoop.
  14. I got glitch cheese but in a new invented way.
    I took my Serge Ibaka completely out the lineup and never using him again. I wasted one day of my life that I’ll never get back upgrading him for no reason. At least in 2k18 it was a equal level playing field and you would acually be awarded for open shots. I guess I’ll have to make a team of amy and ruby to acually compete. I guess I’m not getting Larry Bird or likely qualifying. Yu probaley would whip me if we play right now. I just want a good basketball game for once
    I don’t even listen to Drake but 2k got me in my feeling

You mean 2k20?


they should have just kept 2k19 gameplay


Game is fine. Boost shooting a tad and fix the network errors and it’s good. Although play calling is trash now.


Real talk if you’re struggling with online game play right now it’s probably because you’re so brain washed from the insane amount of offline game play you’ve done so far. They’re very different. Aside from the disconnects I’m a fan of this year so far.


Add in shot contests against the computer and tone down computer offensive rebounds

There are 2 main issues for me

1.Blowbys - 2k tried to make small players relevant but they did that in a broken way

2.Post defence just doesn’t exist

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Blowby is easy to stop if you play on ball with solid defenders


Also, it should be called an alley hoop permanently

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You legit just explain the trash and call it fine.

Na 2k20 means an actual new game and not a rebranding of last year product


I just can’t handle the lag. Online should feel like offline. Its the year 2019 ffs. Shouldn’t be 2 different games.


Actually I didn’t. I said fix it not sure what part you didn’t get about that

Na 2k20 means an actually new game and not a rebranding of last year product


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Alley or ally I’m still hiting the rim even when it completely open. It’s a travesty


They copy and paste the same game but added everything we hated from 18. Also made it worse in the process

Today is September 28 2019 2:41 in the east coast and ah/unlimited are still broke. They were quick to patch poistion locks and token glitch that would have a negative effect on there packs sales.

Still not sure how that is relevant to my post. I stated they need to fix 2 things to make the game good.

That’s the point. It won’t be fix no time soon or w/e they do something else will be broke

I’ve been on the forum for a long time and I just wanna say, I never thought I’d see the day where Carlo posts such a long and (mostly) grammatically correct post.

Agree with some of what you’ve said, online definitely needs some love. If they can get the gameplay to the same as it is vs CPU (without the blatant rubber banding) the game will be in a great place

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If youre having trouble shooting then turn off shot meter

I can’t see the layup meter if I do that