2K18 Week 1 Lineups

I’m curious to see everyone’s week 1 lineups (if you still have them). These were my boys! From then to now we came a long way. :sweat_smile:

pretty much all the ruby/amy historic dom rewards for me and JoJo ruby rex and rip

Ha! I remember when Rex Chapman was the scariest card to see on the loading screen. He. Gave. Me. Hell.

Dunks on everything in his path and a wet ass jumper

Ruby Dan Majerle was my domination team MVP. Think I was using the melo/kristaps duo and that emerald Sam Perkins too. Gold LaFrentz was a bench stud too.


This guy used to be a threat!

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He still will be once I do the nuggets schedule lol

This is what I seem to have had for Season 01, Round 02. I had already finished Current Dom, but for some reason had EM Artest, not AM Artest in. I’m guessing because of salary.

Baron actually had a duo with Artest back then. P.J. Brown and Dan was a nice duo as well.


But what I remember is that gameplay was already bullshit from people going 5-out with Ruby Chapman, Ruby Penny, and others.

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This was S1 Round 4 of Supermax lol

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