2k18 Shelf Life

So how long can you keep playing 2K18 before they stop updating it? I spent so much time and money on this damn game and I probably won’t play MyTeam next year. I like my squad and I don’t think I will sell MT either.

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After Finals

Maybe until the Awards Show when they announce MVP

After that, it’s dead

Once PD lebron comes out I’m done

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I could have sworn people still play 2K17 online. Maybe I read that wrong.

Hey man they didnt fully understand your question, You can play 2k18 until the end of 2k19 or maybe even when 2k20 comes out it reall depends on when they take down the servers.

I think the other guys took your question as “when does 2k stop updating myteam” and like that said that will be when thee playoffs are over more then likely when the season awards (MVP) are announced those cards will be the last ones.

Yeah I think I didn’t word it right. Thanks for the clarification.

So when MyTeam is played after the new ones are out, are they just play now against other people that kept their squads?

I’m thinking of just playing 2k18 with my squad just do the basic weeklys and dominations in the newer ones. I mean the diamonds and better content come out later in the year anyway. Maybe they’ll juice my packs if I decide to hold out until the later part of the the game. Just thinking out loud.

honestly i dont knw the answer to that question seeing as we have supermax this year. Idk if they will continue that are put my team play now back in this mode.

Last year I could find my team online matches till about October, then it was harder to find a match, the new content will prob end in June, last two years I bought the new game in nov/dec. might buy red dead instead this year, but might get the jones and buy 2k at some point

Before the Finals ends, I’m planning on selling my MT so I can get back some of the money I spent on this bullshit game.

2k? Shelf Life? thats a sequence of words i never thought would be used together. This game is DESIGNED to have the shelf life of milk in the sun.

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What shelf ?