2k18 rare cards wanted (ps4)

diamond rondo,pd pg with grey kobe shoes, kat with shoes, diamond wilkens ,pd melon,pd irving etc. please pm me . i can pay by mt or psn/amazon gift cards.

guys who have these cards but not play 2k18 any more, can u sell them to me so that i can try them? :gift:

anybody can provide help?

I have a pd melon, but I think it’s illegal export fruit internationally


dont worry. u take the money, i take the blame. :smile:

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anybody could help? :tada:

I think i have pg and katt but cant remember if they have shoes or not

pm me if u are willing to sell them to me.

Please read and respect the rules for Classifieds. You don’t need to make a reply in your own thread, effectively bumping it, to ask someone to PM you to discuss a deal.

Just PM them yourself.

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still looking for these cards. pm me if u have them. :kissing_closed_eyes:

looking for pg&cwebber with swb shoes.

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