2k18 mt for 2k17 cards (PS4)

Willing to offer 20k mt on 2k18 for any one of the following 2k17 cards.
-97 Kevin Garnett
-98 Larry Bird
-97 Carmelo Anthony
-96 Kristaps Porzingis
Also offering 35k for 98 Hakeem if anyone still has him.

I’ve got 89 J.R. Smith?

i have all the cards but 96 kp i got 94kp im willing to deal

Amazing, he’s come full circle. You ever get that 98 Curry @AnirudhB?


Lmao yeah I did.

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I must say, I definitely appreciate how much you’ve changed on this forum vs. mtcentral. I sincerely mean that :+1:t3:.


Yeah I’m trying to put that stuff behind me lol. Not my proudest moment.


No, definitely not haha. It’s in the past though :slight_smile:

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I have Garnett

One more thing, if anyone has the majority of the playoff performer cards and hasn’t locked in PD MJ yet, I’ll give 150k 2k18 mt.