[2k18] Anyone ever had this happen to them?

I still play 2k18 and a few days ago played Supermax. I shot free throws with PD Bird and probably have missed 1 or 2 free throws with him in 2-3 months that I’ve had him.
So I shot and released it the way I always do but for some reason the bar moved way quicker than it should and it resulted in 0% chance shot. Didn’t understand that at all. The game itself wasn’t lagging at all and for a few posessions after that I also felt a similar thing with jump shots. A 3pt attempt with perfect MJ and the bar also moved way too fast and resulted in an attrocious release.
Has anyone ever had this happen to them in 2k18 or 2k19?

Don’t now if it’s the same, but I had several situations, like- half bar means a perfect shot.
This was a point when shooting animations ended, so if you hold a stick longer, shoot feedback was marked as-to late.

Is this in 2k19? Cuz mine does that, or it had rhe arrow saying the shot is early but the feed back says late lol

been happening to me in 2k19 even when shooting wide open 3s. cost me a few domination points lol

Doesn’t hapened for me this year by far-but I don’t play that much and grind Domination mostly- but last year it was quite often.