2K16 spacing was done right

Well the problem that this company got greedier and greedier. They make these games at such rate that their dev team has no time to fix bugs even prior releasing game when they’re already are send to make a next version.

Because of lack of devs they don’t fix or barely fix any existing bugs so we’re constantly left playing shitty version.

Their only focus is onto feeding shiny new Opals to casuals, because that’s all they care. And if that’s not enough instead fixing their bugs and glitches they make that an emphasis of marketing and slap all kinds of glitched releases and dribless on the popular cards so they could make even more money.

Why fix the bugs and glitches when you can market them and make money outta it.

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Was anyone here around for the old dupe card glitch in 2K16? That was insane… You were able to send ammys to your ah from triple threat and each time you did this, a dupe ammy would be given to you in the ah. You could spam it as much as you wanted. People started that year with 10 mil and they got to keep the mt. They were set for the whole year lol. I only had like 4 milly to start, i didn’t over do it. i remember your legendary battles with ambish @ReadySetDiego i miss when 2k was fun. I’m not expecting it ever to be like that again. We’ll see how long the honey moon phase lasts with 21.


In theory 2k21 should be great at least at the start, as they prepare for new Gen but alas they constantly drop the ball and no news as of yet, it’s gonna be another dog shit beta until next Gen and even then who knows?

2k has the bar so low right now, I can still probably swallow most of their BS in glitches and bugs as long as they give me new game modes but at this point? Who knows.

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I said MW2 is the best. Not a comment on your post at all.

Oh sorry.

The post was directly after mine and wasn’t replying to anyones so I assumed you were

Sorry I was commenting on the guy you were commenting on and agreeing with you at the same time.

I made him question life with silver Gerald Green killing him on stream :joy::joy::joy: Ran into him a few times I’m RTTP and always handed him L’s.

The wagers with Los were fun too.

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2K Visual arts needs to bring back 2K16 to Xbox Series X/S consoles and for PC and make a remastered version of the game or turn back on the servers again.

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A man can dream lol don’t ever let anyone tell you to let your dream die, tell them to die instead :slight_smile:

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Agreed, NBA 2K23 could be similar to NBA 2K16 I am hoping so!