2k wtf tyson chandler can equip limitless range

2k not normal how in hell can tyson chandler get range extender but 26 3pt (upgrading applying badges)

They just don’t bother putting restriction on cards like these. Meanwhile KD and BRoy are restricted to sell Galaxy Opal with gold range


also dikembe can someone commented on another post (equip limitless range 25 3pt)


yeah it’s comical


alonzo mourning too

Maybe the logic is it goes off in deep mid range so they deserve it? #just2kthings


it would not surprise me that shaq can equip range not starter

2k to reality:

I dont think range extender only applies to limitless three. From my understanding the badge extends the max range of the card. So if Mr Chandler’s max range is 8 feet, with gold re his range might get a +4 that will bump his max range to 12 feet. Still good but not 3 points good

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