2k we need a new GOAT Kobe

To close out the year 2k should release Duo packs and a new GOAT Kobe available only on the Token matket. Pleople will rip open.packs just to complete sets and get tokens to redem the new Kobe.

No. They need to update the current GOAT Kobe I grinded my ass off for.

With all due respect hell no :joy:


Lol content is done they dropped everything already literally

Game is done for and no Kobe’s are in packs they only need to update the goat be he’s still good you don’t need 5 players with 100 tendencies



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if they update him he’ll be good. 2k already half screwed us grinders while releasing the other one with the evo that took 10 hours instead of 120


They need to update the current one with better sigs and tendencies.

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To do what? Get bodied by Porzingis? They need to drop 2k21 tomorrow this shit dead


We already got 2 opal Kobes

I’m not buying 2k21 on PS4 lmao park progress doesn’t even carry over to ps5 so no thanks

I guess I’ll wait for ps5


And 3 Giannis, 4 Lebrons.

They probably will. They did with AD. Dicks


I feel bad for the people that got the collector levels done this year :skull:

If you want an opal Kobe you better do the Evo pink diamond one homie

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Playing current 21 really only benefits myteam players. I think a lot of the park guys might stay on 20


I always hate the beginning when like no cards are out lol I know everyone else likes it but not me man :joy:

Not to mention I hate that new shot meter and the game looks the same just like every year

Why you feel bad when we had 3 months to shit on ppl with those cards

New AD came out when the game was dead


I’m debating to get a head start on myteam current gen that way I can focus on park beginning of next gen. Only thing holding me back is I might switch to PS

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Yeah but that’s when MT prices are the highest & the game isn’t filled with a bunch of cards only different cause of animations

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Yeah idk