2k update

So there’s an update out for 2k23. And it apparently needs like 80-90 GB of free space. Why tf does an update need the size of a full game additionally to the game’s own space. I had to delete a game because of it to free up 36 GB.

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It was only 1.5gb on xbox series x

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The update for the next gen version was much much smaller than the current gen. I do wonder what changes were made. Perhaps it is now possible to hit a 3 online?

NBA 2K23 1.02 Patch Notes – September 19, 2022

  • Fixed crashing issues related to MyTEAM.
  • Addressed disconnection issues.
  • Fixed various VC-related issues.
  • Addressed various errors on PS4.
  • Fixed various progression and badge issues.
  • Addressed MyCAREER gameplay issues.
  • Online game stability improvements.
  • Improved load times.
  • General stability and performance issues.
  • Added various gameplay optimizations.
  • Other minor fixes.

Really? 80GB of a patch? I’m done. They’re mad

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I cant see any update on PS4, is it out now? My game is still 129Gb

Idk, I had to do it before. Maybe it did it automatically if you had the space? Can you see it from notifications, that it was done?

It says 1.02 update, the software is up to date. But I think this last patch should be 1.03, could be wrong

Yeah for me 1.02 is the update lol tell me how I delete ghost of tsushima and i still need to free more space than that for a basketball game update :laughing: shit is wack