2K thinks they're so slick

These spying muthafuckas know from my posts that I’m quitting in 3 weeks so they’re trying to entice me back in. Things I’ve pulled today:

Gold Flexible Release from locker code badge pack (9500 MT)
3PT grinches from Wade signature challenge (70K MT)
HOF Deadeye from Wade signature challenge
GO Chris Paul from weekly challenge pack (73K MT)

Not gonna work, Ronnie! All you’re doing is giving me more MT to sell :joy:


Welcome back


I was on for less than 5 minutes this morning before work after the 8am update clicking on various menus, and when I went to Limited it just gave me a free diamond consumables pack which had a pair of grinches. Was that just a weird early season bug or did everyone get one of those??

They are slick… got you so interested you made a post here! :sweat_smile: honestly I think their algorithms know everything we do on the game. I am averaging a pink diamond pull every 450k vc so I am due something cause my vc is drying up!

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They gave me Kareem > than all yours :joy:

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