2k Tempting Me

I just got hit with a VC sale… 250k VC plus a 10 pack league box for $44.99. Someone tell me I don’t need it lol.

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Issa trap lol don’t do it.


Don’t do it. You’ll open all those packs and get nothing “I’m talking to you from the future” Btw.

$45 is 150k-200K MT. Do that. It’s guaranteed.


Lol thanks guys I was close to pulling the trigger

I’d bet that the 10pack would be all trash emmys and golds that sell for 750 MT, 2k will manipulate the shit outta the odds on those “deals”

How much vc is $20?


there’s nothing worth pulling. outside of the random single on maybe a AI pack or a Heatcheck pack. id stay away from it. and if you want some TBT packs grind TTO for those.

I feel you but I could always hold onto it for when new packs drop

If you do it, be prepared to KEEP doing it.