2K Support

Breaking news: 2K Support is a joke! I’ve had an open ticket with them for over a month in regards to the new throwback cards not being in the packs when they first drop. It’s a pretty well known thing. I sent them pictures again this week of me pulling amethyst Jason Richardson at 12:08pm, 8 minutes after Steve Francis and Nate Thurmond were out. I finally got ahold of a supervisor, they were suppose to “hook me up”, they sent me 5 Flight Club packs, the highest rated card was a ruby Tom Chambers. I spend a shit ton of money on the game, I want to expose their bullshit, I wish I had the platform to do so.

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They just gave me 100k for disconnect loses I’ve been getting when I was 9-0 then 7-0 lol depends who you get

I sent them this picture and told them I am not surprised lol…

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I had a ticket open with tier 2 support before I even had bought the game this year. They’re absolutely pathetic

Did they ask for evidence?

I attached the photos, they even tried to say some fly shit “since you opened right after they came out…”

Honestly, this is better than they do for most incidences. In mycareer, the daily pickem game does not let me collect the vc reward after the games are over, so i am missing out on around 34,000 vc. And the gracious people at 2k offered me 1000 vc as compensation…


depends on whos the 2k rep responding to you. last year i complained about the auction bug where when you opened packs and you cant send duplicates to auction. they gave me 200k mt lol

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I’ve had a few reps that gave me way more than asked for, or even more than I deserved in a situation… and I’ve had a few that were terrible. A good solution all depends on who you get as a rep, and how polite you are in the initial message. I bought 5 of the MJ packs that came out early (Jordan was not even in the game yet, but packs were for sale lol) and made a ticket about it. They gave me 20k MT and 40k VC right off the bat on the first email they sent.

TLDR: Make a ticket, be nice in the message/description, and you might get hooked up.

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Yeah tbh I’ve never had an issue with 2K support.

Well they gave me 2k19 for free, i’m the last person to complain about support but i do have a suggestion for you, when you claim something, ask for compensation, tell directly what you expect… I’d like to have 100k mt, i want 20 tb packs, i’d like to have 75 tokens… whatever. They’ll most likely offer something small, this way you can at least declare your expectation and some of em try to find a middle way in most cases. That’s how i got the game, told em i don’t need no mt, no diamond contracts, no nothing but only the new game could make up for all the problems i had with k18 and we built on that (for 2 months lol). Btw those problems, bugs in that game are still not fixed :skull:


Yeah I sent them pictures

What would you request if you had sent 3 separate tickets for disconnect losses? They are actually listening to reason and I have walked away each time accepting their answer.

5 diamond contracts for each but video proof is needed from their perspective.