2k Sucks Forever Thread @@!#$$@#@#@#%$%@^$^$%^$%^

Nothing will change, the same bull shit is in every years 2k basketball game. They make it much different and hard to play at the start of the year. Its the same game, nothing much is ever added that takes much work. Game play and your happiness is least priority and them making money is number one.

The programmers of this game only know Arcade game style. Meaning, its NBA JAM!
They don’t know basketball or how to develop a real online competitive addition.

I wish this was more like simulation basketball but to be honest its closer to a slot machine then that at all. 2k dictates the out come of certain games. Don’t believe, start paying attention year after year. I’m not trying to convince anyone, but this game will always be trash and nothing seems to be any better for the consumers. Its like a carnival game meant to entice you to spend money on very low chance’s of success.

The biggest problem is they have a system that recognizes patterns and then fine tunes profiles made on us people playing the game. It has many sets of programming meant for every different type of person, geared towards making a sale.

In the lamest terms, 2k controls you, not you controlling a basketball game.

Do we have fun?


I almost forgot, they said loading times would be faster. Instead, they moved the loading spots to other places and then surprise loading screens. Nothing was ever moving or loading faster really.

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Bro just don’t play then


So people should just keep quiet? Is this a platform that will change things? No. However, complaints are valid. It’s no secret that the community tends to lean towards older 2Ks being better for the most part, with all this technology and experience there is no excuse for that. 18-21 are regarded as the worst 2Ks. You might see some love the newer ones but I noticed that’s mainly people newer to the franchise.


Almost every single one of this guys posts are negative. Take a look at his post history. I get the game has issues but maybe stop playing the game if you hate it so much?


Op, if you like baseball at all, pick up MLB the Show and never look back.

I’m so glad it finally came to XBox this year.

Gone are the days of 2k’s bullshit predatory tactics. Only putting the good cards in expensive packs with shit odds, and reward cards being complete trash versions of unpopular players. It’s a slap in the face.

As a single father who works 50 hours a week, time and money are very important to me. I haven’t spent a single dime on The Show, have a monster team, and two million stubs in the bank. Plus, they just put out an All Star promo where they literally give you some of the best cards in the game, of some of the most popular players, for absolutely free. As an add on to that same promo, they put out a 99 Ronald Acuna, one of the best and most popular young players in the game, for just playing the game.

Never again will greedy, scumbag 2k with their scam ass tactics and terrible, cheesy, glitch filled gameplay, ever get another penny from me, and I honestly mean that.


Funny that I knew who was gonna be the OP before even opening the thread


Why do I have to press a to acknowledge that I have earnt a vault l, then press a to open it and then finally press it again to acknowledge I’ve earnt something or not.

Multiple transactions in the auction house should be processed at the point of leaving the screen. It takes a good 5 minutes to list 50 items while waiting for the transaction to be processed every single time. Internet banking isn’t this slow and they have to protect “REAL” money

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Bro honestly this dude just completely hates the game and just create threads to talk about it. We don’t care bro and if you hate 2k so much just stop playing, your on “2kgamer” bro.

People fail to see that I’m letting others know what they can’t see within the game. IF you dont like me speaking out, move the fuck on. If you think they are all negative, which most are, get over it bro.

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You could be the 100th to say this, yet you waste your time repeating what someone else has already said. 2k is a fuckery game and I’m sorry you don’t want to see it.

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I’m a single father all the same

What else is he supposed to play? 2k Playgrounds??

this company, as much as it may seem otherwise, puts way to much time/effort for there to be whole threads about how bad it sucks. am i saying this is remotely close to a perfect game? no. y’all take shit for granted. they put way to much into the game to get WHOLE THREADS hating. there’s gonna be a point in life where you can’t just sit back and enjoy a video game anymore. why focus on so much negative? accept the fact that it isn’t gonna be picture perfect and enjoy it.

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Thank You Doctor Phil


Imma have to respectfully disagree. 2k puts very Low amounts of efforts for the money they make.

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Lmao. The response of the day for me.

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It’s about that time of year again…I was waiting for this post.

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People have the right to complain , I wouldn’t play that much if wasn’t having fun but everyone that buy the product have the right and should complain
Game is ass , specially my team


fair. i think they could definitely put in more effort. there’s a lot of little things that could easily be fixed… but they put in enough to not get whole hate threads. respect tho

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