2k should get rid of contracts

No reason to have contracts or injury card’s just to stuff packs. If crappy EA can 2k needs to as well smh.



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I still don’t get why the game has contracts and exactly what benefit it has. I encourage someone to tell me one thing good about contracts. There is nothing

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… making mt on reselling diamond contracts :slight_smile:

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Guess who doesn’t have contracts? MLB the show.


Contracts and injuries both need to go, both antiquated as hell.


Agreed replace with boosted headbands armbands hell socks :laughing: but they need to be eradicated.

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Honestly, them not selling other accessories or uniforms/stadiums that give boosts is a missed opportunity. Also, they need to reward theme teams like Madden does.

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Kind of bizarre they don’t do that really

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and Madden

To me the best way to go about getting rid of pack fillers like contract and injury cards is to be able to build your own diamond shoes. You can pick a base model shoe that you like and add attribute cards that you actually want to boost. It makes new balance and Reebok and adidas shoes actually worth a shit.

The problem with 2k as opposed to mlb the show is this:

In mlb the show, you get something positive or beneficial every time you play, even if it is just 1 at bat then you quit out, you still get exp for program and accumulated parallel exp for your players.

In 2k, you can LOSE STUFF by playing. If you start a game, fall behind by 15 and quit out, you lose all the contracts and get nothing. If you need 3 points in a Dom game to finish an agenda, you gotta play the whole game and use all those contracts. If you quit early after getting 3 points, you get nothing.

In mlb, youre always better off when you finish playing than when you started. In 2k, you can play for hours and wind up worse off with fewer contracts and less mt than when you started.

I can’t tell you how many times I skipped a tough challenge cuz I didn’t want to blow the contracts on an impossible game

I mean, I know that 2k needs pack filler, but the contract system makes the game so much worse.


I would love to have more variety in diamond shoes reebok fila don’t even have diamond shoes which is dumb.

Stop quit

Absolutely not

Contracts, injury cards are all pack fillers. 2k will never remove these. People havr complained for years and years and these in game. 2k greed not gonna change

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If ea can 2k can as well. 2k is far better company that’s how you can grab more casual fans.

This is one area where being someone who doesn’t play all that much I’m not actually affected. I get more than enough contracts for the games I play through reward packs and stuff. I actually have about 10 stacks in my ah for when these stop as I intend to keep playing 2k21 at the end of the cycle rather than buy the next one.

But when they run out they won’t buy any they will quit. The mut devs said it so I don’t understand why 2k any different.