2k scripted games

I’m sick of this game, scripting is unbearable at times, when the game doesn’t want you to win it’s almost nothing you can do.

Post your scripted matches in this thread.

This is my latest scripted game:

My opponent didn’t even have a center at TTO and he had 5 offensive rebounds (10 second chance points) while I had none. It’s just nothing you can do at games like these lol no matter how much better you are. It’s almost worse than FUT :joy:

I’ve seen much worse scripted games than this. This is literally just a bad game from what I can see.

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Not sure if scripted or really really lucky. Wanted to try a game where i just scored white jump shots (might have greened 2-3shots) Felt bad for the guy i already had wilt but he kept pausing every time he made a good play so i let him take the L.

I was blown out by 24 at the half. I play on ball and in the 2nd half my team just stole the ball like a magnet. I was half bar-ing leaning 3s like crazy all shots i took under the rim were heavily contested.

It was really funny for me tho. Must’ve been really stressful for him.

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Trust me I had much much worse than this but I didn’t uploaded it then, but this still counts as scripting.

Are u claiming the equalizer worked against u in the 1st half n for you in the 2nd?

We need to have the All Opal vs All Bronzes tourney to test this once and for all lol

Not claiming anything, might have just been luck. Just shared a game i had. I did not green more than 3 shots the entire game, shooting heavily contested layups not even dunks, free throws were whites too and still won.

Take it as you want. :grin:

I have definitely had games where it felt like that for me.

I just loss to a squad I shouldn’t have in TTO. Not only did my opponent not miss a 3pointer, but he hit 2 step back 3’s with diamond PF Simmons to put me out of my misery.


Ya hate to see it

lmaoo stop letting ben simmons shoot 50

you can green with a 48 three pointer

I was stubborn for many many years, but at this point, if you’re not shooting 3’s or getting easy layups in TTO, you’re just working harder, not smarter.

I had Kareem sky hooking people to death, usually going like 8 for 9 from the field just on hooks. None of it meant shit though when guys would just peek a boo 3’s on the other end.

So yea, I’m through losing to guys who get outscored by me 18-4 in the paint in TTO. It’s 3 or die every possession.