2K’s Steals addiction

Man what’s wrong with them putting all these steals in evo cards and so damn many xp?! I get that they want to make it harder but damn it’s sooo frustrating, so many times I knock the ball out their hands but it goes out of bounds or I tip it to another opposing player…


Yeah, the steals are bad but would be manageable if you didn’t need at least 3 badges on the player to get them!!!
you need

  • glove, work horse and menace for on ball / bump steals
  • off ball pest, interceptor, menace for lane steals

But with evos you cannot add badges. I have the evos and run them in TTO or while doing challenges and just hope they eventually get there (did it with the shades rookies last season)

At least it is only 1500xp being missed. Still 4500xp per drop but won’t stop you getting Booker.

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It’s definitely played out and hope they stop this mess. Discouraging to even play to complete these requirements.


Yeah man I gave up on any Evo and at this point any agendas requiring steals as it is too frustrating. I play this game to relax after a day of work not stress on why the F is this animation triggering foul after foul after foul.

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