2K removed Heat Checks Packs from Pack Market

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Wowwww that’s huge


Thank god I’m done almost every set… I was however gonna lock in the Lakers set today but now nah! Hmmmmmm. Now this really getting Good. I bought AD for 7k Last night so price will likely go up a LOT!

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sick looks my guy, just bought 25 of them for 2500 or less

yeah im investing here we go its all or nothing

I’ve been sitting in a Zion since December

Got almost all mine locked and now they gone from there. Hmm.

Well good time to snipe heat checks bc guess what? prices gonna go up a shit ton. Also makes me thinking even more a token update is coming by next week.

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Realistically what can they replace with these? Either it’s a error, removed them since people wasn’t opening these or replacing them

I literally am missing like 7 or so cards too so this gonna be fun

They did the same last year. They remove them around when the regular season ends.


my guess is so they dont have it so crowded and bc theres no sense of having em there. Likely they could make a super pack later on to drop value of these but I doubt it. These are now gonna be in big demand for those that play occasionally. Its gonna be tough for collectors now.

Same happened last year, when the regular season ends they’re gone.

True. They probably had it since the beginning of the year they would be removed on the last day of the season

Heat Check Series 2 incoming lol


Why am I not home?! I’M ALWAYS AT HOME

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If anything would be a great time to add historic sets for more tokens. I think thats likely a thing we see

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Idk why they removed em to begin with

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MT Millionaires rn going nuts bc now they can make way more with another great filter! I’m on the hunt for these tn