2K Refunded Glitched Duo Super Packs!

I only pulled Diamond Horry from packs earlier but check and see if they took away your guys’ crazy reward pulls! I didn’t submit a ticket either this was just random.

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2k’s version of a refund, haha, more packs.


That’s tough… I got AD and Wade and Kobe etc but I wasn’t even mad at anybody that got em in the packs. I say get everything you can from this company


2K did the right thing here.

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I just pulled Glitched TMac and Opal Spicy P from the refund packs.


That’s fucking solid bro!! :muscle::muscle:


Did they take those cards away from you guys? I opened 3 but got none

No, I got the refunds too. But Scottie ist still there


I ripped some packs but haven’t received any into the unopened packs section?

Remember all of these packs gave us 1 card per pack so that alone should necessitate some sort of compensation

I opened 21 of these glitched packs (a single and two ten boxes) and they gave me 20 free ones as compensation


I did like 10 singles and haven’t had any returned, I’ve just made a ticket

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Wait, so 2K gave us glitched packs. We bought those packs, got reward cards. And 2K is giving us more packs for free and not taking away the players we got in the glitched packs?


GO Hedo
GO Shaq (Showtime)
GO Curry

Pretty sweet, thanks 2K!


I can guess people who ripped off KAJ Kobe and GO Reward cards getting even another 10 packs chance with several op cards?


showtime shaq ps4 price check?

No refund for me, I had opened 1 pack.

Based on the fact that I got 20 packs and I opened two 10’s plus a single, good chance they are only “refunding” for boxes or if you bought at least a certain number (5? 10?)

Idk how many packs OP opened but he had 10 free ones. Would make sense if they wanna keep numbers round. “If you bought 10-19 packs you get 10 free, if you bought 20-29 you get 20 free” etc

I opened 50 packs and I got none back.