2k really wants 199$

Every time I log into Myteam and don’t pay attention, I click and instantly: please fucking buy asshole edition with Jordan somehow related, with maybe virtual armbands or some other tangential bullshit.

…and don’t worry anything about, you know, game settings having to be set every game, and ya know, you can’t move when the computer decides it has to intentionally foul, and the computer has to all get back on defense before you can inbound the ball, and don’t worry, fuckhole, we got 17 Brons lined up that won’t compete with endgame irl scrub giants…

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Nba league pass is worth it if u have or want both. I good with espn tnt nba tv games of the week.

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Yeah, putting aside the shitty meta, the laundry list of little shit things that 2K doesn’t bother to fix is just hilarious.

I still don’t mind paying whatever it is for the base game at launch. What is it, $60?

Despite all the legitimate complaints and gripes, $60 or whatever is a bargain for the hours one gets out of the game. I won’t put a lot of energy into saying this as the value has more to do with being fanatical about NBA basketball and the game and they don’t do enough to earn it, but at least the base game price has been trivial.

$60 is less than two days’ year-round-pro-rated private school tuition I pay for one kid. It’s one light night at a nice bar. Three or four totally routine and unremarkable weekday lunches.

But you’re right: fix the fucking game settings. It’s so fucking little to ask.

Not sure what version of league pass they’re offering in the US but here in Australia just for those thinking of buying the championship edition… It’s not the full version. You won’t be able to watch live games. Just replays.

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Oh shit, I was so confused. 2K is packaging an NBA League Pass subscription with a $200 edition of the 2K23?


Yep. Might be a good deal in the states not sure. But definitely isn’t down here in Aus.

Kayo for free here with my gas supplier. Get enough games to keep me entertained and all the other programs that comes with it

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I signed up for premium league pass with a South Africa VPN years ago. They re bill me $60AUD every year and I get full access and don’t even need the VPN to watch.

Best work around ever.


Honestly, had League Pass like 3 seasons ago, it was 10euros per month on a deal.

Absolutely terrible experience…terrible and confusing menus, choppy and lagging stream, even if you wanted to hide scores, they somehow showed them on a sidebar somewhere. And there were no blackouts like in US. Told myself never again unless they totally revamp it and afaik the situation is not better nowadays.

Then when you compare it to illegal streams…I can find a smooth full HD one and watch in 20s and watch a 720-1080p full game replay next day on a different site as well.


Does the site you use for replays have other sports? And if so… What is it? Haha

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