2k pack ban

do you think packs will be banded in future 2k games, due to the fact it is practically gambling?

Hell no

Never, close thread bro


I wish


Only people that will make it change is ourselves. So no



Eventually they are going to have to advertise odds in the actual game. Not just hidden on their website.

Should be banned for anyone under 18

No, that’s like asking Konami to stop making Yugioh packs, it’s completely stupid

It’s been banned in other countries, not as far of a stretch as a lot of you all would think.

Of course it would have to come from a legal force and not 2K deciding that themselves.


If 2k stop releasing packs, then there’s no more 2k. Without the revenue from VC sales, 2k wouldn’t be bale to make a quality basketball game, and we’d all be forced to play NBA Live. EA is way worse with microtransactions than 2k is, so be glad nba live isn’t on top.

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If you think about it its worst then gambling.
In 2 years servers close and you lose everything

Servers close after 2 years?? Really??

Lmaoooo, what a joke.

there`s no way to enforce that

It is literally unregulated gambling hidden behind the guise of “oh it’s in-game currency, they have many ways to use it” and that packs are “in-game content”. So they try to position it that you aren’t buying packs with money. Of course we are, but 2K argues there is no intrinsic connection between purchasing the in-game currency and then using it on packs. Which I don’t personally think would hold up in court.

Same as buying chips at the casino. Is blackjack not gambling because you can’t play with cash and have to use chips? Fucking of course it is. Chips = money, and VC = money. 2K will also try to say cards in-game have no real dollar value, which technically is true, but we all know that the ‘product’ of a high tier opal obviously has more tangible ‘worth’ than a bronze card as it pertains to digital ownership.

It is an interesting legal definition but anything where you can pour unlimited cash into something in hopes of a certain outcome (cards, money) is fucking gambling.


Yeah… 2k18 closed their servers january of this year

But if anyone has 2k18 installed could hop in the game and see if myteam works?

I tried last week, servers been closed for a while now

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There we go…so lets say a guy that spent 5k opening packs and building his team on 2k18 , he can no longer play and use the product he bought? Not even offline…thats the cruel part.
Atleast leave offline mode on


The problem is the cost of it. Keeping the servers open more than 1 and a half years after the end of that game’s cycle is too costly and doesn’t bring them anymore revenue. The player base for those games is small enough to where it financially makes sense to close those servers down a few years later.

Blame mypark mode