2K or not 2K

Every year for my whole gaming life I have pre-ordered and purchased the new 2K game (Live before that) without an ounce of hesitation. It has been the one game that is an absolutely lock for me every year no matter what.

The last few months of 2K20 i barely played and had pretty much decided i wasn’t going to buy 2K21, as it’s most likely going to be the megacunt money-grabbing shitstorm it has been for the last few years. I haven’t read any reviews about it, havent looked at gameplay footage, screenshots, nothing, nada, zip. I felt completely done with this franchise and that this abusive relationship was now over.

But now I’m sitting here on the fucking pre-order screen wondering if I should pull the trigger on this mamba edition…

What should I do?
Anyone wanna talk me off the ledge?


You like 2k? You only play 2k? Buy 2k.


It will be.

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Get the Mamba Edition and go NMS you won’t regret it but not getting 2k also saves your time

My man @dna2K!

To 2k or not to 2k… That isn’t even the question.

The answer is to 2kgamer. I miss you, haha

But for real, life is probably better without 2k. Thought about ditching my team and getting into park/rec?


Man was gone 7 months and is still the person who has liked my posts most…


That’s the thing, i used play heaps of shit, then it was just 2K for like a decade, but recently I’ve been playing heaps of games again, and loving it. Bit worried I’ll get sucked back into the hole

U should play park/rec/pro am. It’s so much more fun

I was NMS for 2K20, so I’d be doing that again. But every year the game is less and less finished while the greed grows more and more


I did park/rec for a minute a few years back, but it was hard to play both modes. I feel they kinda make you choose one or the other, and the draw of nba players gets me every time haha

Confirmed: I’m your burner


Can’t advocate for Park this year cause

  1. your player doesn’t transfer to next gen
  2. 2k limits your player more every cycle

I saw you’re a mod now? Grats man!

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just don’t spend money and think of building your team without spending as a game within the game.

if you feel stuck then allow urself to buy some MT every month, but have a budget and stick to it. Say $20 or 200K MT max every month. Your max would be $240 assuming you play every month for a year and you buy MT every month, which if your NMS endeavor has success that number would be way lower.

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Yeah the NBA players always draws me back. The first half of 20 I was just park/rec and PNO for the NBA player fix. Will be mainly park/rec again at least the first half of the year.

And yeah very recently a mod, thanks mate :slight_smile:

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I gotta agree going NMS was fun. I was able to get pretty much every high end card I wanted, but that did mean a lot of time on the ah.

I was just having a read then and it looks like it might be a lot harder to work the ah this cycle though, so your strategy of being a fat dolphin might be the go this time

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IMO if there’s a year to skip 2k this would be it… next gen coming and literally the same roster in the game for the next few months, obviously that imo means the first promo will prolly be a free agent promo or something like that, but historically every game that gets a yearly release and a new system is coming doesn’t get much attention added to it, that’s how I feel this 2k will be


Yeah historically the next gen version usually gets stuck with a lite version of the game, while current gen gets the copy n paste treatment. I won’t be jumping onto next gen for about a year so I’d have to accept that they’ll start to prioritise updating the PS5 game from about the midway point of the cycle

I think that I will buy it since I can’t play basketball outside because of the pandemic.

myteam is addictive and requires much time & energy just like a job. Its good only if you have much spare time or if you are able to find a way to play without it slowing you down on whatever you doing IRL. If you can’t, then just play park.


I agree with this. The biggest cost is the time spent in it, but only if you have something better to be doing.

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