2k next gen Unlimited has officially reached unplayable status

overall next gen gameplay is good. understandably if you’re at the wrong end of the cheese plays/moves ie leaners etc you’ll hate it but will love it if you’re the one doing it. human nature. unfortunately its part of the game rn so either you lab and adapt or be frustrated every time

I’m totally cool with folks playing the 2-3 because I don’t run a 5 out offense. They easy as hell to break down if you don’t run that. Just call pics up top, drive and kick out. I will say if they are offballing for whatever reason 2k still has a bug where the pick will get placed on the person they offballing with and that’s lame.

Same time folks have to offball with the 2-3 because the man not being controlled that is defending the wing will always come to the strong side to help defend. Leaving a shooter open.

It’s all weird. But saying that to say, try the drive and kick out. And don’t run the 5 (if you were) and see how it works

Bro, what option does he have if he love basketball? 2k is a monopoly. He is not the problem. The issues he mentioned are legit and need to be addressed and fixed by 2k.


The way zones work in next gen is the most anooying part for me. There some some super easy passes that get stolen that just make me rage. And I tried zone and have the same success. Where on current gen I can get beat a zone no problem. So yeah if unlimited is zones and learners every game, I won’t keep playing on next gen and will go do unlimited on current.

Isn’t the whole point of online play to take advantage of all the “cheese” ways to win? The ones that are knowledgeable usually are the ones that are successful? I used to play strictly on ball when I play tto but I realize baiting and switching to off ball when they do these dribbling animations is a better strategy as the cpu guards those animations more successfully.


Not gonna lie, I used to love playing on ball defense, but playing online has nearly completely killed that for me lol. Maybe I just suck tho lol.

Idk what you’re talking about? Watching basketball last night I seen every nba sniper out there running with the ball and shooting leaners at a high rate, this is common knowledge and I’m glad 2k realized that this is the most unstoppable weapon in players

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The grind for unlimited is too long . To get a win isn’t the only goal anymore. The goal is to destroy your opponents and make them rage quit. Of course everyone is going to abuse 2k’s broken game mechanics and get a fast victory. You can blame 2k on this.

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On ball defense on next gen is OP, if you play it right and rotate your help properly you can literally lock someone down.

Many forget charges are a thing again as well on next gen, rim runners hate this when you cut off their lanes and take those.

(Make sure you have that defensive assist slider off as well)


I never touch the controller settings, so that might help me a lot.

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Can’t say i’m having the same experience as OP. But to each his own. I’m still loving the gameplay on next-gen. I play 80-90% on ball and it feels great. Charges still get called against turbo abusers, cutoffs are good, the shot stick works wonders, paint defense is strong. Fading 3’s are a little stronger than they should be and could use a nerf but that’s really my only complaint.

Bait/lane defense isn’t as strong on next-gen and i’d argue that onball is probably the way to go. You get stronger contests when you play on-ball.


Time to drop that video big fella

I agree with most of this. I think the leaners definitely need to be nerfed and there’s still some strange AI behaviors, like, running in the fast break and have (insert player) wide open in the corner, then as soon as I pass they sprint to the rim and it’s an easy steal, plus the coaching adjustments, even when I’m running a freelance and then the players just start running a play even when coaching engine is turned off.

Overall next gen is much better than current though, at least most of the time the shots are green or miss.


What needs to be addressed? Leaners?

Y’all act like it’s destroying the game, if they do a leaner…you do a leaner. Lean back, lean back - fat Joe

It ain’t that hard fam. There’s cheese every year and every year there’s complaints, y’all just gotta come to terms that there is never going to be a perfect 2K. No matter what people will find out the cheese and exploit it.


So you’re saying “fight cheese with cheese and may the best cheeser win” because 2k are too lazy to fix their game?
Video games are supposed to be fun, they’re not supposed to bring out the cheeser out of a player in the name of win at all cost


I get it, but bro…it’s obviously not going to change. I’m against the cheese as much as the next guy, but every year we complain about an exploit and all they do is patch it and there’s another exploit in the next game. At this point what are we going to do? They obviously do it on purpose to cater to the casuals. Then it gets abused by the hardcores, it’s a rinse and repeat process that’s never going to change. I’m just saying use it to your advantage because if you don’t your opponent will.


The main problem is the players attributes.
For example in Fifa every 90+ stats is well enough, some top icons got 95 cards and thats it. But not 95+ all around like in 2k from diamonds.
In the Nba teams leave wide open players like Embiid, AD, Cousins etc even if they can shoot like 40% from 3s. But in this game every big is a sniper after a couple of months.
This powercreep, on all star difficulty kills the online gameplay.


I think you’re right. I played a few games of Limited and they they were almost perfect gameplay-wise. Maybe except the one that I accidentally ran a lineup full of gold players… When you build a team of 90+ everything players then everyone is throwing windmill dunks over three defenders and shooting threes from half court. They need to scale everything down. Players who haven’t even sniffed Hall of Fame have 10 HOF badges and they sell for 30k.

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I’d rather play Limited vs Unlimited because in limited the teams seem more balance depending on the restrictions.


Limited may be exactly what people have wanted for years - a more realistic version of Myteam gameplay. Now you have the chance to play without restrictions - Unlimited and also with restrictions - limited. I actually think that’s a good thing. Although from what I understand, you can’t play limited all the time? The problem is that people have too much time to play the game and want all the best cards and every reward in every game mode. That’s just human nature.