2k next gen Unlimited has officially reached unplayable status

Really & truly, it was fun while it lasted. But the step-back 3 pt leaners greening and 2-3 zone camping / off-ball passing lane defense is stupid as hell to play against & it’s just not worth my frustration or time at this point. Icon passing to an open guy 15 ft. away from the passing lane cheater & it still triggers a straight line pass to the defender? That’s just stupid man, I’m sorry.

Limited is still decent certain weekends, but overall, the game is reaching levels of ridiculousness that made the previous gen’s gameplay absolutely awful for the past 4 years or so.




=( its sad…hopefully in 1.006 patch they will fix it…its just stupid leaners go in way more than wide open 3s…hopefully 6thmansam can discuss with the team in charge of the sliders and tweak it …

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With all the crazy new cards they should turn up the difficulty soon.


Dawg, I’m not trying to be a dick…but every thread you make is you complaining about the game.

Why do you continue to play it if you dislike it so much? Serious question.


Shhhhhhiiiiiit I need to learn how to run a good 2-3 zone :rofl: my defense is trash

Get back in the lab fam you’re better than this.

No way should you give up on the game so easily.

Because there’s always flashes of hope that you can see, but it gets ruined by some small details that overshadow a great game.

Offline, the game’s great. Best 2k gameplay ever, hands down. I love the feel of the game and for the most part, it does feel like a legit basketball game.

If the game was absolutely horrible top to bottom, I wouldn’t waste my time complaining. I see the potential, but there’s always game breaking stuff that prevents it from being a great multiplayer game.

I have an understanding of how basketball is supposed to work irl considering I’ve played & coach it, so when things happen that have no logical reasoning for happening, it’s frustrating.


It’s a video game fam, there’s going to be video game things about it…it’s not meant to be a real life experience. But multiple threads of you complaining about the game isn’t going to change it. Adapt to it and learn how to beat it. If you were coaching a team and the players kept complaining to you that the other team is doing wild Shit and scoring you’d tell them what they had to do to win right? Apply that mentality to the game. We all know what the cheese is, we just figure out ways to get around it and have fun.


I feel you, op. And don’t let @12thFloor get to you. He’s a good dude, and I respect him very much, but he’s wrong on this one, at least in my opinion.

The game needs a big time patch… immensely. The leaner shit is simply fucking toxic. I can’t imagine in any true scenario that this is what the developers had in mind when it comes to true, good gameplay. I understand that they sell cheesy, highly unrealistic virtual cards for a living, but this shit just ain’t it.

As cards get better and better, this game is going to suffer greatly. And you’re right, the potential is there, but it is simply awful right now.


I don’t see them do it , they acting like they really don’t care about the consumer .

That much has been blatantly obvious for the longest time already. Common knowledge.

Shouldn’t be ,
And it isn’t common knowledge when a lot of people still waiting on it to have the opportunity to have fun in the game they bought

Oh, I wholeheartedly agree. They’ll be waiting for a long time, though. This company has the worst customer service that I’ve ever seen… and it isn’t close. From looking at the extreme toxicity of the majority of this community, though, I can only imagine some of the bullshit that they have to deal with.

You’re right, though. It probably won’t get patched for quite awhile, if ever.

The sad but true part of all of this is that these developers actually like broken shit like this in their game. It draws interest, everyone gets a participation trophy, and 2k gets all the business, and most importantly, all of the money.

Why do you think this world is full of entitled snowflakes these days? This new generation wants everything easy and handed to them, and will do anything to get by or “win” in the simplest way possible.

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I agree with the majority of what you ve said ,
I don’t know about toxicity specially as condicional to their work … I’m not a certified “gamer “ I don’t know had play too many games besides 2k , but looking at my brother and his friends everyone thinks the game they played is the more toxic .
I ve heard about that RX , COD , FIFA etc online experience can be a really weird place to be in any game so I think 2k don’t suffer any additional pressure due the toxicity , they are a professional company and they need to behave better with their costumers .
I understand what do you mean about winning in the easiest way etc , but the game should control that even in the NBA i ve heard AD talking about “ exploiting “the defense , between two competitors everyone will do the most to win .
The definition of “ cheese “ it’s really relative , what I dislike the most if their lack of feedback and fixes on matters that the big majority of the community agrees on.
Fades and dunks for example, probably a lot more thing about MT i dont exactly and the same for park

Yeah man, I’ve come to the unfortunate realization that a lot of people suck, and are only driven by selfish desires. I know it’s not just in 2k, as well.

I will NEVER defend 2k as a company, they’re shit. I was just saying that after playing against some of the dudes who probably file these support tickets, I’m embarrassed for them. Some of these guys simply go out of their way to exploit anything possible. No shame in their game.


Can I just ask which video game utopia there is out there where people do not exploit the game mechanics when playing at a high level?

Genuine question here, because maybe I’m missing something.


There are some relative points , specially about realism vs skill etc
But there is clearly a Line where no one agree , example speedboost glitch and fades

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I’ve been playing 2k since Iverson was on the first cover, before that it was NBA live…i can’t remember one year ever where dudes didn’t exploit the game play. I’ve just come to accept it at this point. It’s apart of the gaming culture unfortunately.


I’m still really enjoying it, but I will admit some of those zones are awfully frustrating to play against.

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