2k needs to calm down with these three point ratings



They gotta sell packs somehow

Giannis moments with a 85 open 3 confirmed!

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Myteam is pure fantasy.

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pd blake 96 open 3 w/ coach tells you everything

We all know what the ratings SHOULD be but a 70 open 3 Blake griffin wouldn’t sell packs.
I’d be fine with them doing this if they made the damn game free to play but to charge $60 and rape the pack odds and give everyone unrealistic ratings. I mean comeon pick 2/3 at least :joy:

Blake deserves an 80 open shot 3, or higher.

He hits the open ones pretty consistently this year.

I posted this strictly for a little bit of a laugh, but I don’t get how yesterday I hit about 5 open corner threes with Shaq lol