2K Messed Up This Season

I 100% guarantee you that I was the last person you thought was making this thread.

The hype for free cards heading into the season was pretty huge after Full Throttle. Free, great dark matters like Steve Nash and George Mikan dropped and the community hype was real. Hell we even got Opal Quantum Luka for free week 1 of that season.

So far, the rewards have been unusable pieces of shit. Trae Young is literally his opal with slight boosts in irrelevant categories alongside no badge upgrades. All of the Rewind Opal rewards have been depressingly terrible. Plus, we have had no free agenda cards not tied in to Rewind yet.

This is a pathetic, money-hungry move by 2K which is essentially forcing players to spend money to keep up with the god squads of Invincible cards, which will only get stronger by tomorrow’s crazy incoming drop.

So for a guy who’s been extremely positive about the game, I’m at a loss for words with how disappointed I am in 2K over the past week. We better get a good free DM for this Game of Rings bullshit (which oh by the way Zion has now fallen to 3rd. Good job idiots!!!) because I won’t even redeem the code for a Gold QFS/Clamps card in fucking mid-June. Fix your shit 2K.

Thank you for reading my essay and, in the words of Bill Murray: “Always give 100%, unless you’re donating blood.”


I think that we will get a Kanter card that is a slight upgrade over his diamond. Otherwise the 2500 points that I have scored with Dame are all for naught.

So it’s you I have to blame for this disaster


I’m really irritated Moses is the limited award. First, he was in the Galaxy Opal token market and it cost me a billion tokens to unlock him, now he’s a limited award that I’ll never get because I have no interest in limited, and not enough time to play it even if I did.


Exactly all the good rewards are hidden behind unbelievably sweaty online/offline modes. Ridiculous


Limited is not sweaty by any means.

@star5CR34M What you do in the game then in your (limited :sweat_smile:) time?


I’ve grinded Dom a fair amount (not enjoyable), spend time buying packs / managing cards / in the auction house, and I play Unlimited and TTO when I actually want to enjoy myself. I only get a couple hours a night to game, and while I play 2K the most right now, I also play other games.


Thats fair but the only reason not to play limited should be if you dont want spend your weekend playing 2K. :joy: Seriously its the better unlimited online mode and you can optimize your team every week(end) but not trying to convince anyone. I just think it is the best online game mode we have even though it is far away from perfect.


I’m kind of Ok with this season so far…I have Luka and there is still 36 days left. This means I can just chill for 5 weeks and wait for my favourite players of all time to pop up as invincibles.

IMO 2K messed up for different reasons, they failed to keep me interested. And let’s be honest, although the ‘free’ rewards in previous seasons have been better than those so far…did they ever crack your lineup, or even play more than 10 games?

Yeah, most grinders will have Luka within the next week—and then what for 4 weeks? Grind for the rewind cards?? :rofl::rofl:


Exactly. I rented high end DM cards to get him quicker, I really couldn’t give a stuff about saving MT at this point.

Last year I ended up with the best God squad available and gave away 2 million MT to @DEG and @LuckyKid because I had nothing to spend it on.

This year I’m going to enjoy the top players for as long as possible because what is the point otherwise


I may have to give Limited another shot. I enjoy unlimited the most out of all the modes. I like being able to play with a team i’ve built with no restrictions. Games can get sweaty but… That’s 2K for ya!

I run a theme team of all-time Sixers players, not trying to put together a new roster every single week.

Man whatever happened to @DEG ??? Haven’t seen the dude around here in a while

I’m with you, this season is hot garbage. 15 block in TT off with every team? For some trash opals? Stop wasting my time, 2k.

Also, they keep jacking with the agenda XP rewards. 1500 for a new card today when it was 4000 on Tuesday, but 250 for each of the team agenda items (15 steals, etc.)

This season is a money grab and it sucks. Im playing The Show


Pretty sure just taking some time away from the forum to be with family. Good guy that one

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It’s been 6 days though. Visual Concepts will review community feedback. I am pretty sure they are tracking which agendas are being completed and will adjust accordingly.

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2k MILKING the community. Card Packs everyday means card value wont hold. Tmac literally dropped to half price in less than a week. Never seen this before for a top SG end game.

And what is everyone doing after we got Luka? 36 days left and no extra exp rewards or levels. TOM and DICK are crap rewards, same with Drazen. Exactly what are we playing this game for right now until lvl 40?


It honestly looks like someone else took over myteam and said: “fuck y’all, no more good, free stuff. From now on, we’ll give you only trash free cards and ridiculously low amount of xp with them”.


Everything I said applies to today, if not even stronger than before. This is some pathetic fucking shit by 2K Sports, and my enjoyment in this game over the last 2 weeks has plummeted.