2k made it way harder to earn MT

In comparison to previous years I mean. Last year I had a lineup with all diamond contracts. Played a game of unlimited or two then reset my progres and that’s how I farmed lots of base packs got lots of current players and made mt. I feel like the awards in tt online were better - played that mode too with 3 diamond contract players. This year the only game mode we can use is tt online. :frowning:

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But if you buy packs you’ll get contracts… 2k logic

I agree less MT to be made for just playing the game. TToffline too - I mean playing with ruby squad you barely break even and rewards are worse.

And 2k made a smart move with the XP race - you constantly need to spend MT to get the new players especially the expensive PD/Diamonds for the big bonus (or rip packs which is even worse). So constant spending and also time needed for these challenges and less time left for the AH.


I agree

Gotta look at it tho, cards seem to be WAYYY cheaper this year so far than they were last year


add badges you need to put on them :wink:

Badges don’t make them cost the sometimes 600k mt minimum that cards were going for last year

Yeah I’m definitely gonna have to buy MT at the start of next gen to succeed :slightly_frowning_face:

Just played my first game of triple threat last night and got 93 MT from the game…93. Does that even play for a contact on an emerald? It’s taken me a total of 4 hrs to quit this mode already.

That’s why you’re over at mutgamer playing the superior game lol

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If you dont snipe, buy MT, get pack lucky, or grind the game non stop you will be forced out of the mode soon no matter how much MT you have saved.

This myteam isnt good this year for the badge system alone.

For example the new Bron has 33 Silvers and you can barely upgrade them but he still costs a fortune.

They will release a new Bron with upgradeable silvers and he will cost a fortune on top of what his badges cost.

This mode is always a scam but this year its an even bigger scam. It isnt built for you to play week to week this year. Cards cost too much to buy or badge out and they dont last long enough.

I cant wait until Im done with Dom so I can sell every single thing I own. I need to let some weeks/months past to let the power creep and prices settle. Might not play again until Next Gen.

Stack your MT/Tokens and get the fuck out asap. Going to be a lot of sad faces around here when they are priced out of the mode later.


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Yh MT is harder to come by for sure the best way to grind MT is thru TTOnline (besides auction sniping I guess) I beat all 300 games In offline n probably only made like 50k in total (including vault openings)

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Exactly :wink:

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I’m saving my mt no need to spend it this early

This is very true, they’re, truth be told I think mt prices are going to skyrocket when we get to next gen

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I agree

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Simple solution is to get into PD token market get Pierce, Curry, Bill Russell, Mikan or at least some of them. Then fill the rest with other cheap players or players that won’t drop in value for too much.


I play with rewards every year. I’m not the type of player who buys cards for hundreds k of mt just to use them for a week or two before they’re outdated. Just noticed that by playing with those cards (even after giving them diamond contracts) I can’t earn much.