2k LiNeUpS ArE uNrEaLiStIC - proof position locks are dumb

Now they have to do away with position locks :joy:


Who are they playing? I need to see how these defensive matchups go. Lol

easy grant can guard BHs , millsap small forward , jokic pf and mason centers idk about bol bol tho

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plumlee gross

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I’m interested in both sides.

Sucks that its back for 2k21. I hate position locks it takes so much control away from the player and like I said last summer it’s just a money grab.

I just realized why Im having so much fun right now and a big part of that is my line up all out of position.

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I just want to see Nuggets do this against Houston :rofl:


I never got my run back

Position locks allow 2K to release the same player over and over again, meaning more profit for them.

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It makes sense from their perspective. Honestly I don’t even care THAT much about it, or at least I would care a lot less if they just made small guards usable and if height wasn’t the single most important attribute in the game


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Haha I was watching wagers all night.

We can play again tonight.

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Bol doesn’t look that good so far.

Haha 32-19 nuggets this shit works

Yeah but that was a nice pass he just completed

This isnt gonna happen when everyone is healthy

yea he’s gotten blown by on D a few times tho. his LQ doesn’t seem to be there.


Oh of course not but it’s still amusing

isaac bonga has made an appearance