2K League is a flop

About 2000 viewers per night out of the whole nba market. Is there seriously anyone who thought it would work? Serves 2k right lmao


The thing that they don’t seem to understand is that only the people who play 2K would really want to watch their eLeague. We’re all pissed at them for not really making any effort to fix all the issues with 2K18. Why would we waste our time watching their league if they just keep blatantly ignoring the community. Lol honestly they did this to themselves and I hope they take a major financial loss and learn their lesson!

The playoffs are on, why would we watch people play video games when we can play them ourselves, one day I’m sure the viewers will be there, e sports is an emerging market

Not surprised. Everyone in pro am does 5 out and just isolates with pure sharpshooters and hits stepbacks. When Im on defense I literally just sit there in the same spot guarding the man in the corner the whole possesion. It’s so boring to play against these teams that I can’t imagine having to watch a league full of them.

Both playing and watching 5 put is boring.
I stopped playing pro am cuz od that.

It’s the gameplay, honestly. It’s super boring to watch. The quarters are short, and the action is marred by the same thing posession after posession. It’s just an eye sore. I swear it’s as if these guys have NEVER truly watched or played a basketball game.

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